Fashion Design Vs Fashion Stylist

I wasn't someone who felt I had to go to uni, but recently I'm thinking a little bit differently. As much as I'd love to have my own sewing/dressmaking business it worries me that, a) maybe I should have more experience and b) if the business idea doesn't work out than I won't have anything to fall back on.

Currently I'm divided between studying Fashion design and Fashion styling, and whilst I already know a fair bit about the fashion design course, I wasn't sure what was and wasn't studied in fashion styling. so I decided to attended an open day to find out more and I thought I'd share my basic insight with you, starting with fashion design....

Fashion Design:
This is the creative/making side of fashion. Designing clothes and then bringing them to life. It's a common misconception that fashion designers can't sew. If they have gone through uni or formal training you can bet your bottom dollar that they can. For this type of degree you also need to be able to draw. You don't need to be an artist out right  but you'll need to be able to draw human figures, clothes and make quick sketches .

What the course may cover:
Sewing or garment construction as they like to call it, pattern drafting, trend prediction, along with contextual studies (basically researching past fashions, techniques etc) and 3D garment realisation. Each uni will have different take on the course some even tailor areas and once you've done your first year you can also choose if you'd like to continue being broad in fashion design or more specific such as garment technology (The technical side of fashion design such as pattern drafting and flat drawing), design for performance (Dance/theater costumes), or even something like fashion design with fashion accessories.

Other similar degree's: Woman's wear design, Men's wear, Costume Design, fashion design with knitwear.

Stylist degree:
This is what I refer to as the flip side of  fashion design. If your someone who loves fashion but has no interest in designing/making clothes then this could be for you and you don't have to be able draw either.

Fashion styling is all about working with a designer/product/brand/photographer to help develop an image. You could work on thing from magazine adverts to t.v shows creating a vision that almost has you directing the shoot. You will style person clothes, say how their hair and make-up should look and even give directions on how they pose and act.

What the course may cover:
Trend Prediction, Customer awareness, branding, visual merchandising. These types of course tend to lean to a more collaborative effort, encourage you to work with other photography, fashion design and hair and make-up student's on your course projects. It's all about making and establishing connections as most stylists work free-lance.
There is no sewing or design work involved on this type of course.

Other similar degree's: Fashion Promotion, Fashion marketing and retail.

If you're a bit confused like I was I hope this run down provided you with a bit more insight.
If you did you got to uni what did you study and is it relevant to your career now?

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