May your bobbin always be full

This week I'm showcasing The 'May your bobbin always be full' sewing themed quote that I sell in my RedBubble shop.

I love this quote because its one of the most frustrating feelings when your bobbin runs out, more so when you're just stating a project and it's gone. Despite it being an easy thing to fill back up, its just so annoying, so 'may your bobbin always be full', is something we sewers always wish for. 

The quote is available in a variety of products but these are some of the most popular, a link to each product is underneath the image. 

Stickers: Available in 3 sizes and 3 different finishes, brilliant to personalise your belongs or decorate you sewing room / studio.  

Quote Sticker 

T-shirts / Clothing: Different style available in both women and mens, as well as a range of sizes.(alt, styles are shown under the main image on the RedBubble site).


Mugs: Two different styles, classic and tall. These make great gifts or perfect to sip out of when your sewing your newest outfits and you need that the caffeine fix to power you up. 

Tote bags: Choose from this white and black style or a cotton tote bag, perfect for carrying you shopping around with you or even better sewing supplies...

Tote bags



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