On the sewing table....

 Still no photo's of my recent makes, fingers crossed I may get them done today, although I'm on decorating duties this week, I helped my cousin out yesterday and Monday, and now I'm making a start on my house (well my parents really apparently it will be mine one day-sweet) so not a lot of sewing going on but here's what I'm currently working on....

It is the cape I've been going on about for ages. It's all assembled apart from being attached to the lining and now I'm in the process of beading it.

I'm also half way through my trench toile, I've been doing some sneaky sewing in-between decorating.

With all this lovely weather we've been having I've laundered all the fabric I've bought recently, do you pre-wash your fabric? I find it easier to wash the fabric as soon as I can then it's ready to sew when I find a use for it.

Look what happened......

I told you in this post about my concerns for the zebra print lining I bought, well after washing it I noticed these unsightly lines where the print has come away, I'm sure they weren't there before washing. The fabric does feel better since washing but I'm still not sold on it. what's worse it that I have three meters of the damn stuff, looks like everything will be lined in zebra print then!!


  1. I am very dismayed by the small inking in zebra fabric. I hope you can fix this somehow. I'm anxious to see more progress and photos of the pink fabric ....

  2. I always wash my fabric as soon as I can once I get it home. I don't have a serger so I over-lock with a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine, the pinking shears just don't cut it, so I don't end up with a frayed and tangled mess. It's so nice to just be able to grab a piece of fabric from the stash and know it's ready to go.
    That's a shame about the zebra fabric I hope you can find some way to use it and I'm looking forward to the finished cape, I do love beading. Also can't wait to see the photos of your recent projects.

  3. They look like fold lines, as if it's been folded for so long the print has come away on the edge. Is there any way of placing a pattern 'just right' so that you miss the lines? Otherwise like you said it'll be zebra print lining all the way! ;)

    Can't wait to see the beading!

    1. I think your right about the fabric been folded for a long time, it did have strange smell too like as if it had been coated with something, I suspect that it may not have been proper lining material possibly something like tenting or treated material (waterproofed perhaps), I know that sort of material can behave similar when washed.

  4. The zebra fabric is a disappointment, but then it was cheap so I guess it's true when the say you only get what you paid for. I'm sure I can work with it though so it's not all bad.


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