Taking the good with the bad!

Ebay a shopping junkies heaving!! also a sewing junkies heaven too if you like to purchases your supplies on line! problem- well yes! 1. going a bit mad and ordering much more than you would buy in a shop 2. you don't know exactly what you'll get.
Number two is more my concern, luckily it doesn't happen to me very often.  but here is case in example: going against what I said about buying fabric and being ethical in this post, I have purchased a fair few items of the fabric variety of Ebay in the last two weeks:

purchase one: lovely material, lovely quality and lovely colours, also they were all in the sale with around 40% off.

The dark pink is to make a cape and the pink to line it. the light lilac was a lighter shade than I expected but still very much make-able, the lilac was to lining it but it's too dark for my liking, but it's OK because I have dress material that colour in my stash so it will come in useful. 

 purchase two: lace, lovely lace. the quality is fab really nice and lovely patterns also came really well packed and wrapped round card, not that I'm fussy mind you as long as it's folded neatly.

I bought a meter of each and I couldn't resist the green lace, The pattern on it is gorgeous- swirly flowers, it was classed a Nottinghamshire lace which if it that then woo hoo, it should of been made in the u.k- now that's rarity! plus it was only available in 5meters at a very reasonable £3 or there about.

purchase three: this is the not so good,  rather than bad, the good thing is that it is all usable- I hope. 

The pink is rather nice it's cotton Lycra I'm hoping to make this skirt with it. The dusky pink material is also nice and of decent quality. 
The beige fabric and zebra print on the other hand are iffy. The beige is for my trench coat and the zebra is to lining it. Only the beige material is thinner than I expected. It's cotton drill but I was expecting it to be slightly heaver. The lining fabric is polyester and suppose to have a satin finish except it  feels rubberised and smells like it too. Lets see what the washing machine has in-store for it, what I do know is that I will still make the coat regardless.


In other News

I have acquired a few more followers over the last few days so that's lovely and a big Hi there, and welcome to my blog it's nice to have you all following along. 

You may have noticed there is a sever lack of sewing related makes on here as of late, don't worry I'm on to it, I've made a few items but as usual the weather seems to be against me again right now and I've failed to photograph them! hopefully there will be something sewing made related on here in the next week.

This hasn't been the most productive week, I did a mass of cutting on Monday, attended a course on Tuesday (nothing exciting).Wednesday seen me being out and about scoring charity shops and going for a spot of breakfast in none other than weatherspoons- I mean where else haha! Thursday was a little better with finally cutting out my muslin/toile for the trench coat, and now to- today well hopefully soon as this post is finished I'm a find myself sat in front of the sewing machine armed and ready to start sewing!

A Decision.
This week also provided me with a dilemma on wednesday I got wind from my old college that they will  looking to be running a foundation degree which may have an optional year to make it a full degree course, in fashion styling with a buisness element. I really don't know want to do I've stated an interest in it as I've always said I would love to do a foundation degree in fashion but with the idea of starting a business myself which is slowly becoming a reality, I'm undecided, obviously I could start my own business after I've finished the degree and then if it failed then at least I would have a degree of sorts behind me which could potential lead me down a number of paths. so it's decision, decisions, decision! 
what do you think? have you been in a similar situation?

Hope you all have a good weekend!


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