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wedding dress illustration.

I had to draw this dress, I spotted it walking past a bridal shop and thought it looked gorgeous. The top half of the dress was plain silk with a black band round the waist. The bottom half was covered in cascades of ruffled tulle netting with bits of antique lace placed accordingly. Usually I would of thought the black band to look out of place, but with the cascades of ruffles it stopped the dress from looking too much and acted as a break.

Finally, the bikini make- McCall's M5400

It's quite odd that when you first start out sewing you don't really have any limits or fear and will give anything ago! This is what happened when I bought a bikini pattern. After making a few simple skirts and a tube dress I thought ok lets try a bikini, then studied the pattern and thought hmmm!! maybe I should leave this and try again some other time, so here I am 100 years later ( lol!) and I've finally given the bikini pattern a go.

and I wore it on holiday! result!!
The pattern is fairly easy to follow, but there are a lots of steps, some steps seemed a little unnecessary but this was my first attempt I thought it best to follow them.

  The combined use of working with swimwear material and elastic may be too much for a beginner but is manageable if you've been sewing awhile. I think a bikini can be a little daunting at first to make but isn't as hard as it looks. It's one of those areas where you can push yourself and try something new.

 The top was st…