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Raspberry Ripple Top.

Sorry for the absence of late, I have so much going on, and as much as I would love to think I'm wonder-woman I'm not :(.  Unfortunately I think posting is very much going to be irregular for at least the next two if not three months, I just don't seem to have the time, this house move is taking it's toll, and with so much sorting, painting furnishing and house sewing to-do and the rest, it's leaving little time for 'fun' sewing, sketching and blogging, I hope you'll bare with me :)
To the Sewing.....

The garb My latest make is a self drafted top in shades of raspberry, white, pastel yellow and mint  hence the name raspberry ripple (make that with a hint of mint too Hehe!)  I love wearing legging in the warmer months, all winter spent in jeans is no good I tell ya' But I cant abide short tops worn with leggings, the ones that finish at your hip bone type of tops (no offence if that's your sort of thing but it's no for me) so bum skimming or lon…

One That's worth a look:

I love things that are off beat and unique and this websiste also combines them with chic. Perfect combination.

Messy Nessy Chic is my newest fascination in the blog world. This blog completely fascinates me with it's unusual articles that satisfies my thirst and intrigue for knowledge of the off-beat. ( I love it when I find out about unusually situation or beings in the world! don't you?)

Articles that have had me hooked included:

The unlimited life time first class travel pass with American airlines - Imagine being able to jump from one city to another to a third all in one day then a day later decided to fly half way across the world all on one pass? well you could and by all accounts some still can.
Kawloon walled city- A lawless, ungoverned and unregulated city, where 50,000 people lived in a 7 acre plot. A network of passage ways and interconnected towers where inhabitants could live for as little as 6 US dollars a month!
The remains of Paris' Kawloon walled city. If yo…