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Arturo Elena Illustration

Arturo Elena is one of my favourite fashion illustrators, so naturally I just had to share some of his work with you! I think he is incredibly gifted and inspiring, what's also unique is that he has a style that is unmistakably his, once you've seen his work you can pick it out anywhere! 
An interesting fact about his drawing ability is that he is completely self taught (wow!!) and all his images are hand rendered, using a combination of marker pens and inks to achieve fine detail and lighting techniques.  That is definitely what you call talented! 

All images from 
You can also read more about Arturo Elena and see more of his work by clicking the link above. You may also like to read an interview he did with Copic about his work and inspiration.

Summer Suits

Seems a little strange that I'm posting a sketch of a suit in the middle of this lovely heat wave that the u.k is currently experiencing, but in my defence I did this sketch a few weeks back when we definitely didn't have 'summer weather'! I will admit that I nearly didn't post this image as her face didn't go to plan turns out sketching in bad light whilst tired doesn't mix!!
How do you feel about coloured suits? I was a bit mixed at first but I'm really coming round to them especially if the are well tailored with 3/4 length trousers, I'm not sure how often I would wear one I'd probably just mix and match the suit, wearing trouser with one outfit and the jacket with another, but I would like to own one regardless!
- In other news -
I'm still not sewing :( not in the way I'd like. Altering clothes and furnishings for the house is happen though! once I get through the back log of trousers, cushions and curtains, sewing clothes is most de…

My Top 5 Sewing Gadgets....

If your anything like me, you will have amassed a large amount of sewing gizmo's and gadgets over the years, some of them get used and others find themselves at the back of the sewing cupboard but here's my top five most used ones.

1. Bobbin Winder
I bought one of these when the one on my sewing machine was playing up, and although it can seem a bit useless if your machines bobbin winder does work it does come in quite handy. Surprisingly I use it all time!

2. Pattern master It's main use is to aid patten drafting, but if you need to adjust seam allowance or add it to those darn Burda patterns, invest in one of these. Just line up the edge of your pattern with the the corresponding amount of seam allowance and off you go. you can also do the same with a set square and a grading ruler.

3. Chalk Wheel
I love, love, love this little gizmmo it's the best thing since sliced bread! Me and the good old tailors chalk have issues, but me and the chalk Wheel well  we get on like a…

Emerald green summer

Sketch done using flex markers and metallic markers

Pantone's spring/summer colours report feature a number of green coloured hues, and now word is that Emerald green has been the chosen colour for summer!! Some might say it's a bit strong as a summer choice but I used it as my inspiration for a few summery items anyway!!

Flex markers Vs Pro markers Normally I colour using pro-markers but I've got something else FLEX markers, made by the same company, Letraset!  I'd heard about flex markers but not really known what they are. Turns out they are basically the same as pro-markers (alcohol based) only with a flexible tip at the one end (along with the standard chisel tip at the other) giving you more control and precision, and it is good!! We were lucky to have a delivery of these in work and I couldn't resit buying a set and another and another.... And another!!! The flex tip handles much more naturally, I wouldn't be surprised if they switched all pro-markers ove…