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A very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year to all you lovely lot! 
Thanks for reading, following, visiting and commenting through out this last year!


Bustier and panties set No. 2

After my first attempt in delving into underwear sewing, I had to have a second attempt.
This one turned out pretty good, not too much to say other than I added straps, padded out the bustier and made it a touch smaller.

When I ordered the fabric for this make, the company set me the wrong one.
It. Was. Hideous!
so much so that when I got in-touch to arrange a return the company told me to keep the wrong fabric (or donate it to charity) and they would send me the right fabric with no additional cost. Excellent service from them, but truthfully I wonder if they would have done the same thing had the fabric not been so hideous!

I padded out this bralet using cotton batting and covered this using lining. I would of preferred lining in black but I had a lot of white left from another project. Yay for stash busting!

Straps were a must this time round. I used my mannequin's shoulders as a guided of where to cross the straps and to stop them cross over from moving around I tacked them i…

Hunger games inspiration....

I finally got round to watching The Hunger Games. which, why did nobody tell me sooner- the costumes, they are A-mazing!! Cue inspiration galore, especially in the form of jackets.

 Girl on fire jacket! Want, Want, Want, with the fire an all.

Realistically speaking I've been on the look out for a leather jacket for a while but non are taking my fancy. Not the ones in my budget anyway, but The Hunger Games inspired me to come up with this jacket idea...

 The idea of sequin sleeves on a leather jacket really would make it that little bit different, along with small shoulder details the rest of the jacket could be kept simple an clean, no lapels or fancy zips just leather and sequins.

What's inspiring you right now?