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Burda Peplum

I swear this British weather is against me, it's always tried my patients at the best of times, but this time of the year is just ridiculous more so when your trying to take photographs!!
 I've spent the best part of the week waiting for the weather to clear up, all I'm asking for is half hour of dry clear weather, but no such luck, if anything it's got worse, if I could pick the weather up and kick it round the other side of the world, I would!!
 All I can say is thank god for photoshop!!

Rant over, lets get back to the post.

This has to be my quickest make ever, no seriously, I wanted instant gratification with this top, and instant gratification was what I got. I made it all entirly in one day, I'm so chuffed with myself, and even better it came out really well, no mistakes, no major fitting problems, gratification achived.

Pattern & fabric info
I used a burda pattern from the 08/2012 issue. What I liked about this pattern was the circular style of peplum and…

Peacock fabric

Isn't it lovely? Quite exotic your thinking, well you would be right! I found it on eBay whist looking for a silk print.
 It's all the way from Hong Kong. Now normally I'm not one for ordering things outside of Europe or the U.K for that mater, but I couldn't resist this one at just over £6 a meter and free postage, - yep you read that correct FREE postage. I'd ordered it before you could say 'mine'!!

The down side was that in my excitement  I didn't check the width, it's actually quite narrow around 20" or something and although I ordered 2 meters in length it wasn't enough for the dress I was going to make, Never-mind I will just have to order more - I know, you can hear the disappointment in my voice  ;)

so your probably wondering what dress I plan to make with this material, right?

It's the Matthew Williamson sheath dress from 09/2012 issue of burda! 
I'm quite taken with the panelling on this dress plus it has in-seam pockets …

Sewing:Pan Am inspired Top & Skirt

Lady's and gentlemen this your captain speaking, fasten your seatbelts as we prepare to to take off with Pan Am airlines. Or something like that ;)

 Back last year, I was taken by this outfit seen on Pan Am, so eventually, (like a year later) I finally got round to making it, well a version of it anyway!

Oddly this photo makes it looks more like a dress rather than a skirt and top. Anyway I decided to give my pattern cutting skills a dusting off for this one and drafted  the pattern myself.

The top originally had no darts but it was gaping at the arm holes. There was only so much I could take from the side seam before I decided that adding a small bust dart on each side was what was really needed.
 I winged the darts, whilst I was wearing the top I pinched the excess material, pined it in placed and made sure the darts were even before stitching them.  I added satin bias binding to the neck and arm holes as a nice finishing touch.

As for toiling I didn't bother, I fitted as I w…

Sketching: My way

Sketching is a bit like sewing, there's many ways to do it, but I thought I would share my way with you!

This is the method I've adopted since I was in college, although I can free hand, I find myself almost subconsciously sketching this way.

First tools of the trade...

Paper, sharp pencil, sharpener, rubber and ruler.

I mostly use A4 size paper, I begin my sketch by drawing a straight line in the middle of the page leaving a small gap at the top and the bottom.

 I divide the line into 3cm increments down the page using a little dash. There should have a minimum of eight dashes. I do this is to keep the body in proportion. The reason  there should be a minimum of eight dashes is again down to proportion and the fact that eight human heads fit into the human body, well it's eight and half, but I'll come to that later!

once the dashes are in place you can begin to sketch the outline of the body.
The head, an egg shape, fits between the first two dashes, the third dash sho…

Pinterest Sewing Quotes

Taken from this person's pin's board I couldn't resist putting a few of them up!

and my personal favourite .....
If you want to see more just click on the link at the top.

Dior: Teaser

One of my readers sent me the link to this video a few weeks back (Thank you!) and I've just came across it again on you tube, so I've decided to share it with you all!
I won't give it all away but it's not a fashion show ;) take a peak I'm sure you won't be dissapointed!

Stay tuned for the next instalment........

Artist- Henderson Cisz

As it's blogtoberfest and I'm struggling to write a post today, I though I'd let you into another interest of mine. Art.
As I studied art at college for two years it's no surprise really. However whilst I can appreciate classical art, my interest lies with more modern works of art.

The artist that I currently obsess over isn't an artist that I came across at college, surprisingly it was a shopping trip to Cardiff where I popped into the blue dot fine art shop. That's when I first came across the artist Henderson Cisz.

Henderson Cisz is an artist that hails from Brazil but now resides in London  he paints a lot of city scenes which I find vibrant and captivating  The first time I seen one of his works I was truly in awe, I think it was the colours that first caught my eye not that he is an artist that uses lots of bright  vivid colours it's just the colours he does use are really pigmented and 'pop' out at you. I also found that I really enjoyed the …

Stash busting: Peplums

If your anything like me you'll have fabric stacked up to your eyeballs or even higher!

Now I've decided to go on a serious stash bustin' mission, but I'm not going to list all the things I plan to do with my fabric because, for me that won't work (and it would take too long too) so I've decided to list one plan at a time and once's it's finished I'll list the next.

First up is some lovely cream fabric, kind of like crepe on the one side but feels really soft on the other. I think it will be perfect to make the peplum top featured in  Augusts burda magazine.

I'm unsure whether or not to omit the sleeves from the pattern, I do like them but I think the top would look a bit more edgy with out them.

I think I'm having a love affair with peplum tops to be honest. After I decided on the top above, I came across this image in Elle Magazine....  

A leather peplum, how my heart jumped!! 
Now to be perfectly honest I'm not the biggest fan of leat…

Fashion Show - Alexander McQueen

I make no mistake in being a fan of Alexander McQueen, but I must admit since his passing, I watch the McQueen show more closely than ever.
 I'm eager to see what Sarah Burton comes up with, and how she creates in his vision. What I am starting to see is that she is putting her own stamp onto McQueen. Burton is taken what she has learned with him and how he created his visions and turning them into her own. Which I think is how he would of wanted her to continue. The label was all about constant change and evolution and she continues this.
To be honest even if Sarah Burton left the McQueen Label, I think she learnt so much from McQueen and was with him for so long that she obviously shared a a desire to create theatrical couture like pieces. I don't think she would be any different if she went her separate way.

Anyway enough of me rambling lets see a few pieces of the Alexander McQueen spring summer 2013 collection.

Whilst it's not entirely to my liking there are lots of e…

Sewing Ideas

O heck, I nearly didn't make a post today, it's been a busy one, half of which was spent in T.K. Maxx courteous of my mother!!

So I thought I'd share with you some of my pins from my Pinterest Sewing Ideas board!

I'm planning to make a peplum top the next few weeks, (more about that in another post). I had planned to make a cut away skirt this summer, I guess that will have to go on next summers list. And finally how sweet are those shorts, I can imagine them with a crisp white shirt and a cropped black suit jacket. Now where can I fit them in on my list?!
By the way if you'd like to see more of my pins then why not following me on pinterest or if you want to see more of what's on my sewing Ideas board then click here

Fashion week: Milan

Some of my favourite looks from Milan fashion week.....

I didn't like too much of their collection from a wearable point of view lots of prints depicting images from roman times and battle scenes, very nice if your into that type of art. The bold colours were nice though! I did like the stripe numbers, the top half of this all in one caught my eye, quite holiday-esq. 


 The lace makes an interesting feature on an otherwise simple dress, could be the inspiration of an upcycling project at some point.
I like paint splatter effect on the other dress, I could see that developing into a trend.

Emporio Armani

Loved this collection, very minimalist. I black triangle shapes on the t-shirts are quite insiring certainly jazzes up an otherwise simple item of clothing. The peter pan collar blouse is very sweet too, I can just imagine making that and pairing it with jeans and round toe heels.  


Another simple collection, I thought the jacket was a great take on the pull over …