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costume illustration.

sorry for the lack of posts, I did have a few things planned, but this week has been a bit dis-jointed to say the least. It started off with making a dress and before I could cut out the fabric I was asked to shorten a pair of curtain and with the left overs make, I think its called a pelmet but its that ruffle people have above their curtains and make tie backs all of which I've never done before. Also a pair of jeans need to be shortened which had to be done by hand which was all for the same person
Then mid week my boyfriend had some very sad news, so only a quick post today and hopefully I'll get back to posting more regularly in the next two weeks.

I did this last weekend but I've only now had chance to scan it in to my computer and touch it up in Gimp.

you've guessed it I've been watching strictly come dancing again lol! I thought I'd try and be a bit more adventurous with the pose this time, but I think I need to do it with the costume too!
Thanks for look…

Costume design.

Another costume design inspired by strictly come dancing.

I did this a bit quick hence the black line going through the leg lol!
It was inspired by the tango, but instead of  being traditionally Spanish I made it softer and used a completely different colour.
Its has a asymmetrical tied skirt, wide sheer arm straps with bead fringing and silver embroidery around the waist and edging on the skirt ,which the scanner hasn't picked up properly.

It was done using promarkers, and gel pens for the silver detail.

I'm not as happy with this as some of the others I've done. It took me a while to settle on the design  and I feel her face looks too dark as her one eye is too close to her hair.

Thanks for looking x

Taking a look :- Josephine baker

I thought I'd share a few Images of Josephine baker that I found when researching for a source book project.

Baker is an interesting character not just to look at but also to read about. She was the first African American to star in a film, to be integrated in to an American music hall and also become a famous world wide entertainer. She contributed to the American civil rights movement and received the French military Honor for assisting the French resistance in WW2.

 Baker always appears captivating in pictures and very at ease. I love the fact that she wasn't afraid to pose half naked at a time where doing such thing could be frowned upon and that seems to give her a risque element. It's no wonder that France took to her so well as she fitted right in with it's artistic and Bohemian nature.

Baker wore some amazing costumes and was regarded as a very good dancer, performer, film star and singer in Europe, especially France. Shirley Bassey once cited her as being her pri…

A bit of luck; A New Mannequin

A few weeks ago I was saying how much I'd like another mannequin. I've already got an adjustable one which I love but like most adjustable mannequin they tend to be weirdly coloured, mines Burgundy.

 I'd like an ordinary cream one as I think it'll be better for taking pictures of the clothes. I didn't want to pay full price for one as they can be expensive and I'd rather save the money and eventually buy a K&L one.
So I was going to go round charity shops leave my name and number on the off chance one would come in.
But before I had chance to I was offered a display mannequin. So I went to look at it and decided I would have it.
And here it is...

                                                                thanks for looking x