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Theatrical Nature Project.

Back in January a friend of mine who is studying theatrical make-up asked if I would make her a strapless top to go with her nature themed project, so of course I said yes. 

 She wanted a top based on the image above, so we discussed some ideas and decided to go for a lace-ed up effect directly on the fabric itself rather than a cut out panel which although basic, should have a similar effect as the image above as I only had a few weeks to make it.

I did a few quick sketches, with the idea of the lace up sides being so she could insert rose's like in the first image and hopefully they would stay in place.

I even did a small sampe of the effect I wanted to create, so we could both have an idea of how it would look  obviously it would be larger on the actual top and I would do tiny diagonal button holes to insert the ribbon so it would look nice and neat, I even designed the pattern and made a toile........
...........However two weeks into the project I started a new job which left lit…

Innocent crush dress- Simplicity Project Runway 2588 .

Some of you may remember this post about choosing a dress pattern, for a wedding I was attending. well I opted for the project runway pattern choosing the sleeveless pattern

The pattern I decided to only use the bodice pattern that came with the project runway and drafted my own pattern for the skirt, as I wanted a circle skirt.
This was the first time I'd drafted a circle skirt and it was easy and much less fiddly than I thought, I used the Winifred Aldrich pattern cutting book for reference, where you can either draft a 1/4 circle skirt which means it would have four panels to construct or half a circle skirt with only two panels. I also choose to move the zip from the center back to the right side I also didn't bother using the waist details that came with the pattern and decided to keep it plain.

pattern pieces.
( I made copies of the pattern to work on instead of using the original as it's easier to work on and allows for mistakes and I use spot and cross paper to draf…