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Sew for Victory Challenge, Completed.

Despite march being a tough month, with alterations, illness, decorating and going away for week, I began to think I'd set the bar to high. Determined to part take in this Sew for Victory challenge I set about finding something to sew that was both quick and looked the part.

I choose a pair of trousers  I found in a back issue of Burda magazine issue 02/2012 pattern #115A. With hight waist, wide leg, pleated detail on the front, side zip and in-seam pockets. They were perfect for this challenge.

I didn't make a toile, as I didn't have time, which left me feeling uneasy on how they would turn out. Thankfully they were fine, that's not to say there isn't fitting issues but because this pattern has an elasticated waist at the back it proves to be a good disguise.

Ultimately I would have liked to have taken away the elastic gathering and I would have also lowed the waist a touch -as I have short waist -which I think would have made the trousers sit better, as I feel t…

Sew for victory: Fabric Change

I really have no idea if I will be able to complete the sew for victory challenge in time. Which is a shame but as we all know life gets in the way from time to time. I'm  also away next week too so it's looking less likely by the day and only leaves me with tomorrow and Friday if I want to complete it on time so we'll see.

Current Progress:
The trouser pattern is cut out and ready and considering it's only made up of four pieces it look relatively easy but as we all know with trousers it's the fit that's the problem.

Fabric Change:
So I really like the idea of the spotty fabric but something tells me they're going to be a hard one to style and probably will end-up in the charity bag sooner rather than later.
After having a good rummage in my fabric box I've found this sage colour fabric in a crepe material. I think the drape on this fabric means the trousers will hang much better and be a blast to style.

*Edit* since posting, the deadline has been extend…

Sketch: Strong in Red

Although not much self-sewing went on last week I did manage to do this sketch. I felt like I wanted to design something that would pep me up, look strong and confident. Something that I wasn't feeling, being full up with a cold so that was the inspiration behind this.
I've gone with a sketchy-er style again. I feel I've taken to this really well and it's a style I feel comfortable drawing in and one which I'm improving in too. 
What do you like to do to cheer yourself up, when your under the weather?

Bridal Shoe Clips

It's been a bit quiet in these part for the last week and a bit. Gloating is not wise especially when done to your work colleague, stating that I hadn't had a cold in over a year, the very next day I was hit by the dreaded lurgy. And boy did it hit me! it has left me with very little energy, and what strength I did have, had to be put to other uses so I'm afraid blogging took a back seat. 
On the day that said gloating was going on, my colleague had asked me to make some bridal shoe clips. She had recently been approached by a bridal shop owner who had seen some of the jewellery she makes and asked her if she would be interested, the bridal shop owner had also spoken about making Shoe Clips

My colleague then asked if I would make the shoe clips as she wasn't really interested in the sewing part.  I agreed to make some sample that she could take with her for when she next met the bridal shop own.

Please excuse the black shoes in the following photo's I was in a rush …

Sew for Victory: pattern & Fabric

I believe the Sew for Victory is the first sew-along I've joined in with. There have been plenty others that I've wanted to do, but for one reason or another haven't So I'm pretty sure this is the first :)
I will be upfront with you. I won't be sewing a complete replica of a 1940's- It's not that I don't want to. In fact I would love to, but I'm being strict with myself and focusing on the 'make do and mend' ethos and sewing with what I've already got.
Fabric in the 1940's: I've brushed up on my research (I did a fashion history project once) and I believe that common fabrics for the U.K in the 1940's included: linen, cotton  rayon, viscous and nylon. Silk is another fabric used but firstly to make parachutes before being turned into under-garment when the parachute could no longer be used. 
Prints: Popular print's in the 1940's included polka dot's, florals, and sometimes abstract prints.
These were mainly…

Sew for Victory

You man have noticed a few sewing challenges that I hope to do have popped up on my side bar. One of which is the Sew For Victory challenge being hosted by Rochelle over at Lucky Lucille. It's a 1940's sew-a-long, urging participants to Make do and Mend. So I thought this would be another perfect opportunity to stash bust, and whist I would love to use an authentic 1940's pattern I'm going to 'make do' with what I've already got. Although I'm uncertain as to whether to choose an existing pattern or to draft my own.

Whilst I'm stuck in a pattern battle, I am certain that I will be making a pair of trousers.
I've been fancying a pair 40's style trousers for sometime and I thought this is the ideal opportunity to do so.

Here are a few images from pinterset that I've been collecting to inspire me.

I just hope I can stick to the challenge deadline!!