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Illustration Friday: Creature

As this weeks theme for illustration Friday is creature I went for a Halloween theme.
This is my she devil,  with actual horns and tail. She likes wearing black, black and more black, but can be persuaded to wear grey and silver when in a tempting mood! 

Sewing Fashion trends: Check shirts

Now I'm not normally one for check shirts, but I'm slowly warming to them. I had a short sleeve one a few years back and found it quite versatile, for not only wearing it on it's own but layering it too, and this year with heaps of them on the high street my fancy is one again tickled. I especially took a liking to a chambray version with blue check sleeves only I can't remember where I seen it, so I'm a guess I'm going to just have to make one.
If you too are hankering for a check shirt then I hope my research and finds might help you! 
Visual Inspiration ......
Asos Reclaimed vintage look check shirt £40.00                              

Denim and suppliy by Ralph Lauren checked shirt with lace £110

Topshop sleeveless check shirt £26

Pop boutique checked flannel shirt £25

The idea of combining similar check patterns on one shirt gives a cool quirky effect, but a check shirt with lace panels well that's almost quite elegant really. The sleeveless version would …

Illustration Friday: Entangled

Promarkers/flexmarkers/fine liner
This weeks theme for illustration Friday was entangled. It took me a while to settle on what to draw and a bit of research was needed too. 
The aim is to challenge myself  so the temptation to draw a mass of interlocking scribbles and call it entangled was a firm  No, sticking by my roots and leaning towards fashion illustration is the way forward. The idea of her intertwined in herself, along with her hair being plaited and the flowering vine snaking up her leg just about covers the entangled theme I hope?!
Did I say I want her bikini....... now if I can only find zig-zag stretch fabric in those colours!

Illustration Class: applying watercolour

For the last few weeks I've been taking the illustrating your favourite runway looks class on Skillshare, I've been enjoying the class and I've learnt a few new things, especially about painting white clothes.

Last time I showed you my initial sketches and this is how they look with the watercolour applied.

This has to be one of my favourite sketches, it looked to be going down the pan to begin with but came good in the end. my only wish is that the colours were more vivid especially the red.

This sketch was the one I was looking forward to most for applying watercolour but ended up being my least favourite when it was finished. I think there was just to much small detail and it didn't come together, not to mention I had a mare getting the skin colour right.

If this image looks a weird it's because when scanned the paper showed up really messy, I tried to clean it up in Photoshop but it's gone a bit blah. this was also a night mare to get right, too much white a…

Illustration Friday: Moustache

Earlier this week I came across a website called Illustration Friday, where each week they post a random topic for which you can then draw your own interpretation. It's basically a weekly illustration challenge! I've been looking for something like this for a while, so I'm really pleased to come across this website (*cue little happy dance* \o/)

So this weeks topic is................ Moustache!

Promarkers/fine liner/Photoshop

Quite a funny topic I think you'll agree (and maybe one better suited to being done in  Movember) but I pretty much had an idea of what I'd draw soon as I seen the topic!  There's so many people having these finger moustache tattoos and one of my friends has one so that's where I got my idea from. I wanted to keep the overall image basic so as just to focus on the moustache.
I'm pleased with the overall drawing and more so as I didn't use a reference point for the girl, which is probably why her eyes came out so big, but I like h…

Self Drafted Leggings

Finally I can tick leggings off my to-do list, I swear they've been on there for the last three years always getting bumped down, but I found some lovely stretch fabric that would work well with them giving me no choice but to whip them up!
I was going to cheat with the leggings by taking a a pair I already owned apart to use as a template, but good grief, they obviously were quite happy in there together state, they did not want to be unpicked and at one point I so wanted to rip them apart, and that's when I got my  pattern drafting book out and made the pattern myself!

 Pattern notes:
For these I just followed the drafting instructions, I added an extra inch and half on at the waist, because I wanted a wider, higher band than on RTW ones, and added a seam allowance onto the sides of the legs.
I used a tip I was taught to only add elastic to the back part of the waist band so the front lies flat. For the top stitching I used the stretch zig-zag stitch.


One fabric, two colours or even three

Velvet-flocked dress by Toga 
I love this dress!! well actually I don't completely love it but I do love the use of the same fabric in two different colour-ways, how cleaver but simple, (you may have seen I tweeted about it last week).
It also gave me an idea (cue light bulb moment). Back, well, a year ago, I had great plans to sew this Matthew Williamson dress from burda!! I was really looking forward to sewing this up with all it's seams.

 I even did a toile, amend my pattern, but couldn't quite bring myself to cut in to the gorgeous fabric  I had bought for it,(in-case you wondered why you hadn't seen the finished piece) also all those seams would be lost too!!

Gorgeous fabric.

Since I decided not to cut into my fabric I've been at a loss of what fabric to sew it up in. I wanted something with a print but I also wanted to show off all those seams. So whilst oo-ing and ahh-ing over the Toga two colour way dress, (that's when the light bulb moment happened) I t…