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julien roberts.

I've taken a little bit longer off than I intending so sorry about the lack of posts, but I hope you all had a nice Easter.

Today I thought I'd share with you my current fascination, it's a man by the name of Julian Roberts.
 He's a fashion designer who use a pattern cutting technique that he has developed himself called subtraction cutting.

 This technique looks less complicated and allows for chance discovers and happy mistakes as I call them, thus you never really know what you'll end up with, which fascinates me as this is an element I like most about pattern cutting and sewing.

 In principle, he uses a piece of  rectangular fabric and stitches the one end together, he then works with negative space around a pattern to produce clothes which he describes as 'creative pattern cutting', all in all it's a tad bit complicated to explain but looks good non the less.

His website also has some good info, and I'm quite keen on buying the book too, so let me…

marc jacobs illustration

Just a quick illustration I did of this Marc Jacobs spring/summer 11 look, the image I copied was out of a magazine but the image I've got here is shows the fabric to be darker and dusky in colour, in the magazine they were brighter and more summer-ey looking so I'm guessing a bit of photoshop-in had gone on or a bit of light tricky is to blame!!
 I love the sheer material and the floatyness of the fabric which I've tried to capture in my illustration, I also tried to copy the face as it's one of my weaker areas when drawing but it didn't look right so I just did my own thing lol!
image from
I'm away for a week or so now so there won't be any posts until I get back, but I hope you all have a lovely Easter!!!!
Thanks for looking x 

Dress Patterns

The weather is lush today, bright blue sky, a wisp of wind and temperatures around 18-20oC. Which in my books classifies as summer, as it doesn't really get much better than this in the actual summer :))

So with summer comes weddings and with weddings comes dresses!! so far I've got two weddings to go to and with my dress sorted for the August one (more on that another time) it's the May one that's concerning me.
I really want to make my dress for this wedding, but I'm a bit stumped these are the two patterns I've bought but I'm not sure which one to go far:

I'm leaning more toward the Project Runway one as I think I want to go for a vintage look, but the Cynthia Rowley one is simple and contemporary which is a look I quite like but I think I'd make the strapless version if I choose that one.
With the Project Runway one I'm going more towards the patterned dress or the figure in the white.
 I'm also thinking that If I choose that one I'd…

Koos Van Dem Akker

I've recently descovered Threads magazine, haven tried a few over the last few months this one seems to be most relavent to me with pleanty of new tips, good idea's and inspiration. I find a lot of the other magazines are perfect for beginners  but I wanted something a bit more advanced and this does the trick.

To the tittle of today's post Koos Van Dem Akker. There was an article in may's edition of threads on this inspiring designer which intrigued me, as he is considered a collage designer, combine different fabrics to make one item of clothing. His style, I think is impressive and unusual to say the least:

So what do you think?? I was surprised when I first reserched him as he is current with what he does.
The clothes look like they have been cut from one piece of cloth as the fabric flows so well, whats nice to see is that Koos has been doing this since 1968 but it still seems so new and refreshing.
He also has a boutique on madison avenue in New York called Koos …