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Sewing: Trench Coat Buttons

I may be posting a little infrequent as of late, but I do plan to post rather than leave this blog in the lurch. currently I'm hoping to have a day off at some point in the next week, which I would love to spend sewing- my trench coat to be precise- unfortunately if I am gifted that luxury, I think It will be mainly spent catching up on sleep :/ I am that tired I feel I could sleep for a week!!
On to sewing matters, I've fretted so much over chosen buttons for my coat, that I was seeing buttons in my sleep- I kid you not!! so I've taken the plunge and opted for silver brown perlised ones off ebay! I'm not particularly bothered weather or not I will like them as I've decided that as long as the are ok, that will do me - well until I find something I do like that is!! 

10 buttons for £1.95- bargain!!
now all I need is that day off!!!

Sewing: Toiling the trench coat.

you'll have to excuse my toiling abilities in these photos, I only have one sleeve attached- I blame college for my bad habits!!! You may wonder why- it was because we worked to strict deadlines we used to only toile with one sleeve, perhaps no facing and with pockets only drawn on, just to save time which ment we had longer to sew the actual garment, our tutors also use to check our garments thoroughly and would root out any major flaws so they could be amened. (only at college level hey!!) 

I don't always toile but I though it would be a good idea as I've never made a coat before so it would be like a trial run I guess?
The material I used to toile with was given to me it's been in my stash for a while and I have no idea what to make with us and because I need to run my stash down using it as toiling material seems like a good option. I think it's twill which is a good thing as it's similar to the actual coat material I will be using.

The front facing turned …

Luck and being a runner up!

Sorry for the radio silence over this last week, I really have no idea where the time has gone. I spent most of last week enjoying the unusually warm sunny weather, good job too seen as we now appear to back in the ice age!! (okay, so it's not that bad where I live but it is very cold again!)

Luck seems to be the word round here lately too, having secured myself a job last Monday, on Thursday the same-thing happened to my boyfriend.
 Within two hours of his factory closing down and him being officially made redundant he received a phone call telling him he had a new job!! (and boy did we celebrate, I think we still are lol!) This very much overwhelmed the two of us, more so him since he has been to three and yes that three interviews at the same place over the last six weeks  (talk about making their minds up). The truly remarkable thing about his new job, is that it's completely related to his degree, something he'd been trying to achieve since finishing uni four years ag…