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Illustration Friday - Universe Theme

I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of space: T.v shows, films, games, documentaries etc (the complete opposite of my Bf by the way!) but I do like the patterns and colours that form the universe.
 In order to get back into my drawing mojo I thought I'd start by taking up illustration Friday again, only the topic was Universe!!
 Cue a little research for this one so I thought I'd share with you the moodboard I'd compiled......

Test Sheet: Unsure of how to best create the galaxy cloud of colours. I decided on a test sheet trying out drawing ink, aqua pro-markers and watercolours.  surprisingly I settled for the aqua pro-markers.  (top left corner)

I'm not the biggest fan of aqua pro-markers, but this time the pens did good. The image on the left is the marker applied as it is. The right image is after I'd gone over the marker pen with a wet paint brush, causing the colours to swirl and mix. And no galaxy is complete with out a hefty dose of glitter!


It's been fairly quiet round these parts for a number of weeks, it seems going on holiday zapped my productivity, but it also gave me time to think...
I've decided to make some changes starting with the blog layout and changing it up to a more simple theme. I've also been combing through and deleting certain posts in an effort to create a more coherent blog,( I hope)!! I must also remember quality over quantity.

Also few months back I wrote about how I felt my personal style was lacking. It turns it it wasn't just my personal style but in other areas of my life too.

When I first set up this blog it was to suppose document my progress with putting my design/pattern cutting knowledge to the test, and to give insight into how a 'designer' might work bloging about inspiration, design variations, colorways, pattern drafting and the best bit; sewing it all up.
Somewhere along the line (or maybe I wasn't even on the line to begin with?)  I've become less abou…

Innovative Sewing Technique.....

Finding new techniques and alternative ways to make clothes is always stimulating and a company called c-Fabriek is doing just that. It's made up of a collection of young designers who's aim is to take control of their creations, come up with new ideas and then presenting their methods to the public.

In this video Inner Fashiondemonstrates a method of dress construction using a body size balloon, two layers of fabric and glue. 

Inner Fashion - Production Line at C-fabriek from thomas vailly on Vimeo.

May's WIP's

Not a  huge amount on the sewing table this month pour moi. I've a lot of sewing alterations going on instead, including a few pairs of jeans and three dress's.
I do have burda pattern #120 from the 08/2012 issue all prept and ready to start toiling and as ever I've still got the bombshell on the go!

Whats on yours.....?

Sewing Wish List

After coming back off holiday I had a lovely welcome home present in the form of a cold!!
I've spent the last week snotted up to my eyeballs, but finally I no longer feel like I'm dying and therefore over the worst of it, but trying to get back into my sewing routine is proving to be difficult - I blame the cold and not necessarily that cold if you get my drift ;)!!

For now I've turned to burda to provide me with some much needed inspiration in an attempt to kick my sew-jo back into action, oddly they are all styles taken from 2012 burda issues:

Bustier top: 01/2012

Hip wrap 10/2012

Retro short coat: 10/2012 #134

parka: 09/2012

Diagonal lines dress 02/2012