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Playing with Pleates

Since I can remember I've been wanting to pay around with pleating and draping, last week I finally had a go. I used a pattern I'd already drafted for a strapless top and used left over material from previous projects rather than buy new.
I used a polyester satin for the base and crepe chiffon for the pleating which was left over from a college project.  I could of really done with more chiffon for the pleating but I was content with the outcome in the end.

I pleated the chiffon by cutting the chiffon longer than the top and gathering each side of the chiffon to fit the satin pattern piece. I then basted the chiffon pieces to each of the panel pieces before constructing the top.
The result was quite pleasing and I found I could actually manipulate the pleat's if I so wished like to craete different effects, so my experimenting with pleating turned out to be be quite fruitful, those of you who are eagle eyed will have no doubt noticed that the top is not finished!!!
I am…

Outfit Envy & how to make.

I've been watching Pan Am again!!I really don't think this show is good for me besides having complete outfit envy every time I watch I now want to be a stewerdess!!!
This week saw episode 5 and 6 of the first series and this outfit worn by Christina Ricci's character Maggie caught my attention, I thought she looked really elegant and chic with her little biker gloves really setting off the outfit.

I want this outfit!!! Rather than buy it, it's surely more fun to make it, yes!! here are the patterns I would recommend to do so ......

 Butterick B5566                                                        Mccalls  M6038

 Both are nice patterns but I would consider using the butterick as I think it has some lovely options to be used again and again, although the mccalls pattern is more accurate to Maggies outfit, but both are suitable.

     vogue V9771                                                                    simplicity 2599

The vogue pattern has a nice option fo…

The Newbie

The feeling of not having a sewing machine must feel similar to that of not having a car I guess, though I don't drive (but I really should). I hate being with out my sewing machine! I come over feeling all sullen and moody just because all I want to do when I've not got a machine is sew!!
For some time now my sewing machine has had the grumps, sometimes it's OK, sometimes it's not. Quite frankly it's been pee-in me off in a ever growing way. I actually have two machine my main machine (an E&R Classic) and my back-up (Hyundai) and once the back-up started playing up as well, that was it, I snapped, so I gave in and bought myself a new one!!!

A Singer Heavy Duty 4423

The singer sewing machine has got all the things I want. It's suitable for thick fabric as well as handling the flimsiest.  It has a complex feed dog system which makes the fabric glides through,it can apparently 'senses' when extra power is needed (for thicker fabric)  cleaver machine!!…

pattern cutting Vs pattern cutting

Having already owned the Winifred Aldrich pattern cutting book, I bought pattern cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo last week after reading Tilly's review from Tilly and the buttons. so I thought I'd give you low down....
This book is very good, and I would suggest it to anyone who wants to teach themselves how to pattern cut, don't get me wrong pattern cutting isn't particularly easy but it is manageable and do-able as long as you concentrate, it also gives you a double whoop feeling when you've not only sewing something yourself but created the pattern too!!  Back to the book. Personally I think this book is very beginner friendly and takes you through the pattern cutting process step by step with minimal fuss.
The book has lots of pictures and is clearly set out with easy to follow information and instructions. At the back there is a section at which looks at inspirational pattern cutting which gives plenty of good ideas to try and feeds the imagination of what you cou…

doing, what have I

It's nice to have a break, makes me feel refreshed and spangly new, and without the constant fraternising of 'what am I going to post' everyday during Blogtoberfest, last week turned out to be fairly productive and easy going. so what did I do........
Organised myself

Without the thoughts of blogtoberfest littering my mind, I was able to have a sort out, not just my  actual clutter, but my mind also, I cleaned and sorted my room and made pleanty of lists mostly of things floating around in my mind including sewing projects, haberdashery items and crimbo shopping lists. I don't know about you, but I'm a constant list maker, I like to know where I am , what I've done and what to do next.
knitting: friend or foe

At this time definitely Foe. Me and knitting are not getting along!! I thought I have a good go at it last week and teach myself to knit properly. I can more or less garter stitch, as for purl, it ain't happening, one minute I can do it and the next I r…