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Fur Coat: Right Pattern/ Wrong Fabric

In my eagerness to give the fur jacket a whirl in last months burda magazine number 113, I bought some fur material (fake of course) over the net, the material was originally to make my boyfriend the fur cushion he'd requested as a Christmas present  so I thought it wouldn't hurt to order enough for the cushion and the jacket too.
The problem being at only £7.99 a meter of which I'd ordered 2 meters it was suitable enough for the cushion-just about but not really for the jacket!
The material was effectively what I would call 'fun fur' you know the type you would make fancy dress out of, not coats! but as I'd already cut out the pattern and had too much fur material to know what else to do with it I went ahead and made the jacket secretly hoping the fur would like nicer when it was made up.

The fur jacket was a feature in the magazine so it came with a four page spread of instructions and pictures. It's comprised of 5 pieces and the sleeves were a two piece …

Red and Gold!

I've just scanned this image straight in, so it's in all it's glory excuse the minor marks, I usually clean these up before posting. This drawing was inspired by the shoes, she is wearing which are a pair of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo, Turkish inspired mules from the 1940's, they were made from gold leather and red suede and marked Harrods Ltd, London. the shoes are really lovely but I've not got a picture to hand to share with you. they are quite sumptuous too which is why the dress is quite costume like.

New Design: Jenni Kayne

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, probable because I've been more into sewing than fashion as of late, but I'm winding down now the holiday season is approaching and having a little catch-up on fashion.
In all honesty fashion is my first love with sewing right behind it and for me the two go hand in hand, I know some of you think otherwise, but it's how I've always seen it and it's nice to keep in mind current trends and what designers are putting out there. I think it has a lot to do with not me just sewing for me (more on this at a later date) but wanting to sew for others too.
In the spot light this week is Jenni Kayne.

A designer from L.A who started her own line aged just 19 in 2003. she debuted her first collection on the runway in 2010 and is continuing to do well with resort collections too.

 Spring 2012

Pre-fall 2012

Both collections have taken me aback, the clothes are realistically wearable with an easy going style (her LA influence maybe).…

Lady with Blue

This was my effort on merging Laura Laine's style with some of my own.

I'm not too sure what I think, I was hoping the colours would be more translucent but I'm more proud of the face and the hair which makes a change haha.........

Laura Laine Girl with Blouse

I'm very much in a drawing mood as of late, I think I'm making up for my summer drought.

This drawing is a copy of this image by Laura Laine. I've admired her work for a while. she has very much found her own style which is something that I hope to achieve some day.

 Laura has a unique style which can be some what dark for a fashion illustrator, she mainly illustrates in black and white with just the odd hint of colour.
 Her work is fairly gothic at times but also reminiscent of superheroes in comic books. The composure in some of her images is very Lichtenstein like, (his comic book images of the blond girl that is).
If you would like to see more of her work visit her website here, go on you know you want too.....

Tutorial on Mexican Pleating

Following on from my playing with pleats post. I found a video on you tube, you'll have to turn off the volume if your not a fan of Mexican music, but an intresting technique no doubt.
It's apparently called Mexican pleating, which I've not heard of before. I've done a little searching (well typed it into google) and can't really find anything on Mexican pleating so it's likely to go by another name.

 I think it's a quirky technique that could easily add a little interest to a plain dress, top, waist band or cushion even.
 If you do give it a go, I'd love to see the results, I may even do a post show casing them!!

Hope you have a fab weekend!!