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Style love: Paloma Faith.

Paloma Faith is somewhat a style queen of the theatrical variety! she is not afraid to be different or dressed up to the nines,which is why I love her!!

I sometimes wish my style was a little more like Paloma's, but I guess it's about being brave and just going for it!!

Who's style do you admire?

The Holes in my Sleeves Dress; Cynthia Rowley pattern

I apologise, just when I think I've finally got myself into a routine RE: sewing and blogging, technology disrupts my routine. 
My card reader, which I use to upload my photos off my camera, has always been temperamental, and decided it wasn't going to work at all!!  I blame my boyfriend, he was the last one to use it!!
 It is now working again, but the boyfriend is banned from going anywhere near it!!


I've sort of finished this dress, (well enough to show you some photo's of it). I've still got the sash type belt to sew and possibly some sequins to adorn it with, but the actual dress is finished!!

 Last year I made the sleeveless version, but I opted for sleeves this time. They are unusual as the have circular cut out detail in them, so I was curious to give them ago.  They were a little fiddly, partly down to the instructions mainly, but after getting my head round the first sleeve it's pretty easy to do the second.  The only down side is you have to cut the slee…

Illustration: gingham trousers

I really, really, really want to make myself a pair of gingham trousers style jeans with a white waist band and white turn ups, but so long is my list, they will have to wait, so I've contented myself by drawing them instead.
I like the idea of using a purple or lilac gingham, but I think yellow or red would work equally as good too!! I think they would look lovely worn in the summer months, quite reminiscent of a picnic table cloth too!!
The idea for these popped into my head whilst I was away, it was quite strange as I'd was on my way home from doing the food shop when I suddenly thought, how cool would it be to have a pair of gingham trousers?!  so I was wondering do you ever come up with ideas in strange places or  at unlikely times?

Dress's in another form.

Sewing is somewhat on go slow at the moment, as work is a little all over the place, but working in a craft shop does have some perks!!
I can't say I've ever really had the urge to try stamping......not until I seen this baby!!
A dress stamp....What!! I just had to have it!!
It's funny how something you've never considered can become enjoyable if you find an area in which it can appeal to you. I've been stamping away, on paper, card and fabric and I'm finding it really enjoyable.
I only have the card print to show you at the moment, but I'm enjoying my new found passion, so expect t-shirts, dress's and bags adorned with this stamp too!!

 I stamped the images first, let them dry and then coloured them using, inks, pro makers, watercolours and gouache. The inks work best and produce the most vivid colour results.

It's a fun way of doing something, that appeals to my dress loving, clothes making side but in much less time.

Sewing News.
My buttons for m…