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Welsh Gymnast costume illustraion

The inspiration behind this came from the recent commenwealth games. I was watching the rhythmic gymnastics (I've always liked gymnastics) and noticed the gymnast preforming was represent Wales (where I'm from). This immediately got me thinking of what costume I would design.
My inspiration came from the Welsh flag with the red representing flames from the dragon. The costume would also feature plenty of diamantes in the same colours; so clear on white, red on red and green on green to catch the light as she performs.

I really enjoyed doing this and it has made me want to do a series of designs that are a more contempary using other welsh elements such as the daffodil.
The pose was tricky and something I need to work on. The colour in the legs is streak-y as I've been trying to get to grips with a blender pen but it has other ideas.
Done using promarkers, and sparkle effect added using Gimp.
thanks for looking X

Oh Adrian!

Since doing a costume project last year in college, I've been really into costume design. One of my favorites has to be Adrian Adolph Greenberg or more simply know as Adrian (appears on the end credits 'designed by adrian'). He also went by Gilbert Adrian.

The chances are you've most probable seen his work with out realising it. The most well know being the wizard of oz

He had been credited with designing for over 250 films, and unlike today's costume designers he was contracted to MGM. Here he worked with Jean Harlow, Katherine Hepburn, Joan Crawford and most notable Greta Garbo declaring  'When the glamour ends for Garbo, it also ends for me' and after Garbo left MGM Adrian stated ' When Garbo walked out of the studio, glamour went with her, and so did I."

                 costume sketch and actual costume from Mmadam Satan, worn by actress Kay Johnson After leaving MGM  in 1941 he became a free lance designer. In 1952 he was persuaded to design one …


Another design inspired by Strictly Come Dancing from the week before last.
The dress is based on the waltz dance. The colours were suppose to be a pale lilac on the main part of the dress and the rest cornflower blue with gem detail on the shoulder and side.  The colours turned out darker than expected as I didn't test the them first.  The colours also appear to be darker again after I scanned them on to my computer. I have lightened them but its still not as pale as I would of liked. There are also a few mistakes.  Most notable the hands, I've never been very good at drawing these and because I rushed it shows.
I did these using pro markers and then touched up using Gimp.

Butterick Pattern; Sewing a dress

I know its autumn but I've made a summer dress. Its for my nan who lives in Spain so its still quite hot out there, and as my mother is going to visit next week I figured she could take it with her. Its nothing special, its one that she can wear during day and pop to the bar shops in.

I used a Butterick pattern. Its a loose fitting style that can be sliped over the head, no zips or buttons. Its pretty much the same back and front with pleats to add detail. Additionally I added in-seam pockets to the dress (my nan likes pockets).
The pattern was very simple but the yoke was on the fiddly side and I should of added the pockets before stitching the side seams.

I hope she likes it :)
thanks for looking x

vintage shop.

I love to look in vintage shops and usually I have to travel to the city to browes vintage shops or so I thought..... it turns out a vintage shop called Vintage Vision opened a few months back in a small town not too far away from me.
I can't wait to go down and check it out. It also runs sewing class for 'repair, re-style and recycle' which I'd love to have a go at and it hosts vintage fashion shows too.

So how did I find out about this shop.... my mother, she picked up this wonderful post card advertisement. how nice, makes a lovely change from being giving a leaflet.

Thanks for looking x

Alexander Mcqueen.

I love Alexander McQueen. He is/was one of my favorite designers and I think it was definitely the right idea to let Sarah Burton design the collection after all she is the person who knows him best after being by his side for 16 years. This is some of my favorites from the s/s11 collection by Burton.


I was watching 'strictly come dancing' Friday night, and was inspired to design this costume whilst watching Scott Maslen (Jack eastenders) dance the waltz with Natalie Lowe.

Their dance was quite raunchy and it made me think of designing a wedding inspired costume that it modern and contemporary.
I used gouache paint and then added sparkles using Gimp 2.
Excuse the blury-ness on the head  area my scanner didn't seem to pick it up properly.
I'm fairly happy with it, not sure what I did to the side of her head, it was suppose to be a bun but looks more like something growing out the side lol.

thanks for looking x

milan fashion week.

sorry another late fashion post, seen as its Paris fashion week now, but here's my picks from Milan

Alberta Ferretti-                          Really like the delicate fabrics being used and the organic floral prints.

Fendi- Like the bright colours used and check out those trousers- sheer material, makes the trousers seem all the more summery just have to wear the right underwear
Etro-  The shapes caught my eye at Etro especially the high waisted trousers but perhaps in a different colour.

Really loved the colour used for these trapeze dresses, they seem really fresh, sophisticated and elegant. I want the pink one.
all images are from thanks for looking x