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Sewing: Self-Drafted high- waisted shorts.

Another make from back in febuary. I self drafted the shorts which was loosly based on this pattern. The changes I made were to lengthen the shorts and make them high waisted. I also pleated the waist band which flares out at the top but is kept under control by a fabric tie/belt. 
I've wanted to make a pair of these shorts ever since I did this design for then. 
second one in, in-case your wondering.
They went together well and fit like a glove all-though perhaps a little more ease wouldn't go a miss. I initially imagined these as winter shorts that I would wear with thick black tights but I think they should serve me all year round as they look fine with out tights too.

The black lines you can see are not snags but cotton threads tut-tut!!

Another make that I'm pleased with. the only downside is that pocket bags were attached a bit to close to the the pocket opening making them paritally visible. This is also some thing I've had problems with before but I hope to addr…

watercolour sketch.

A quick sketch with me new watercolour paints!
This sketch is a copy by the way spotted in company's high street edit magazine from last spring/summer.
 I've been after a set of  water colour pans for a while, I've settled with the royal&langnickle brand but I wish I had gone for the Windsor & Newton brand instead which are the ones I've been cavorting.  I used to use watercolours all the time, one of the reasons is that they are easy to use and you can easily remedy a mistake with them. I then switched to using pro-markers which are quicker to use (no mixing colours) The pro markers also made me a better artist/illustrator as it forces you to work more quickly and accurately thus making less mistakes, but as much as I love using pro-markers, it's nice to have a range of mediums especially watercolours as they produce more fluid/softer results.

p.s I'm a really bad blogger as of late, I've still not photographed any of my recent makes and for that I …

On the sewing table....

Still no photo's of my recent makes, fingers crossed I may get them done today, although I'm on decorating duties this week, I helped my cousin out yesterday and Monday, and now I'm making a start on my house (well my parents really apparently it will be mine one day-sweet) so not a lot of sewing going on but here's what I'm currently working on....

It is the cape I've been going on about for ages. It's all assembled apart from being attached to the lining and now I'm in the process of beading it.

I'm also half way through my trench toile, I've been doing some sneaky sewing in-between decorating.

With all this lovely weather we've been having I've laundered all the fabric I've bought recently, do you pre-wash your fabric? I find it easier to wash the fabric as soon as I can then it's ready to sew when I find a use for it.

Look what happened......

I told you in this post about my concerns for the zebra print lining I bought, well a…

Dior: vintage couture,

It's quite fitting that I put this illustration up on the day I'm going to a vintage fayre don't you think!! (more on that in the week though, providing I remember my camera!!)

I've been working on this for a while, on and off. I seen the dress in the harpers bazaar magazine and I couldn't resist drawing it, (you can view the original image here. Though the image in the magazine that I drew from showed the dress to be more orange than red? photo-trickery at it's best again, me thinks!!)

I spent quite sometime working on the shading and the vividness of the colours, I love the reddy-oranges. The green bodice should have looked more acid-ey!! I assumed by laying down a yellow with lime green over the top it would give the right effect, not so though. I do however love the colours not to mention the dress, can you imagine making this, Oh-my-Gosh!! and to think it's vintage Dior, it looked like it was made yesterday Be-auti-ful, I  Love It!!

 I Swear if I owne…

Taking the good with the bad!

Ebay a shopping junkies heaving!! also a sewing junkies heaven too if you like to purchases your supplies on line! problem- well yes! 1. going a bit mad and ordering much more than you would buy in a shop 2. you don't know exactly what you'll get.
Number two is more my concern, luckily it doesn't happen to me very often.  but here is case in example: going against what I said about buying fabric and being ethical in this post, I have purchased a fair few items of the fabric variety of Ebay in the last two weeks:

purchase one: lovely material, lovely quality and lovely colours, also they were all in the sale with around 40% off.

The dark pink is to make a cape and the pink to line it. the light lilac was a lighter shade than I expected but still very much make-able, the lilac was to lining it but it's too dark for my liking, but it's OK because I have dress material that colour in my stash so it will come in useful. 
 purchase two: lace, lovely lace. the quality is fa…

Lovelys of the oriental variety

Nosy-ing around on ebay again and I came across a shop called oriental direct. It sells Japanese cotton items, trims, buttons and fabrics.

Zakka floral wood buttons £2.75 for 9
5 natural shell buttons £2.99
Floral flower lace trim £4.95
Kimmono cotton £2.85 per fat quater

So far in 2012....

I think it might be fun to do a round up of things I've recently learnt and where I am with 12 in 2012. So here goes.

Things I've learnt.

1. Not to underestimating the overlocker!      
 The overlocker does just more than one type of stitch don't you know, well I forgot. In january I was having a good old mess around getting the rolled stitch to operate successfully when I rediscovered it also does a neat narrow hem not as small as a rolled hem but quite nice non-the less and that I can also change length and the width of the stitches. more Importantly I learnt that there is no need to use the four stitch overlock, on most garments three stitches work just as fine therefore saving thread too- well times are tight!!
2.chalk wheels are the dogs knackers! no seriously my recent chalk wheel purchess has done me the world of good, it makes marking fabric so much easyer as does my fabric marker pen with erasable end too.
3.Tailors ham/ press are also the dogs knackers x2. This ha…