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Simplicity pattern: Tunic Top.

I've done ok so far with my new years resolution to sew more. I've made 2 garments and done a pile of alterations that have been mounting up for what seems like forever.  I'm now in the middle of making my own dress pattern for a wedding reception I'm going to in March eek!! fingers crossed it will turn out ok.

The first thing I made this year was a tunic top. I used a simplicity pattern K2938- which was another freebie from  sew magazine. It features a dress, top, jacket and trousers.
I opted for the top as I had the perfect fabric in my stash but not enough to make the dress.

The top was really easy to make. I didn't have to use my unpick-er once to undo any stitches which I might add is a first for me- so yay!!!

The only problem was, I rushed to finish it and didn't set my over-locker/serger up properly. This caused some the seams to pucker and  the hem doesn't sit properly- it goes up slightly where the seams are.

I used satin fabric. There was suppose …

Couture Fashion Week part 2

John Paul Gaultier:
you did not disappoint after a/w10s denim revolt, you came back strong, including performing can-can dancers. you show man you!!!

Non-couture like start  but picked up after. you came good in the end!!!

Elie Saab:
Why oh why do I underestimate you!!! fabulously lovely, loved it!!

Couture Fashion Week: Paris

Its january, and its cold, wet, damp and misrable but at least there's couture fashion week to bright it up.
 I've been looking forward to this one for weeks. I love how intricutly designed the clothes are almost like works of art. I really do swoon over it and so far this one hasn't disapointed.

By far my favorite has to be Dior, you can always cont on John Galliano to produce a good show and this is no exception with influences from the 50's its a nod to the time when Christian Dior himself was still at the helm.
See for your self and be prepared to be dulverged into sheer luxury and sumptiousness.

Staying true to its self Karl Lagerfied put on another dasling show, minimalistic but feminine nonetheless.showing that those little details do really count.

Armani Prive
I wasn't as impressed with armani as I thought I would be, I was taken by the jewelled jacket which I thought looked elegant, and the shine on that fabric was very umm lets say different although …

20th century fashion.

Last year I bought this lovely fashion diary by Taschen. I came across it by chance which was wired really because I needed it for collage and I was doing a fashion course at the time so it was quite apt that I came across this little gem.

What's nice about it is that every other page has an Image or advert on it from sometime in the 20th century so I thought I'd do a series of  posts showing these images.

This is January's 2010 set of Images:

                                            YSL 1996

                                           Jantzen 1947

                                           Interwoven socks 1929
                                           Tempos 1973

                                         Boston Garter 1911

The YSL one is my favourite out of these. I think the Jantzen one looks like it came straight from a Roy Lichtenstein painting and the shoes are peculiar in the way the trouser legs are the same colour as the shoes.   You can also see the difference in th…

The one shouldered blue Dress.

I started this dress mid November and it's taking forever to make, because every time I tried to make it something else would get in the way. But its finally complete- yay!

The dress is a one shoulder design, with a two tier ruffle on the neckline finished with bias binding and features a side zip.

I first made the pattern when I was in collage as part of my final project, and decided to have another go at it. I made some adjustments to the original pattern, mainly to the hem and ruffles.
The original pattern has an asymmetric hem with four tiers of ruffles, which I didn't want on this dress so I just straitened the hem. I also made the neckline ruffles longer.

The dress turned out fairly well but the original pattern was done using the Drape method (done on the dress stand) but I think I should of stuck to a flat pattern (done on paper) which is what I usually do.  I did make alterations to correct bits of this pattern but I'm still not convinced its 100% right.
The good …