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Rio carnival 2012

It's London fashion week but to be-honest I've been more interested in the Rio carnival. I've always been attracted to the Rio carnival, I love bright colours, sparkles, feathers and not to mention costumes.
 Going to the Rio carnival is definitely on my lifetime to-do list, being able to dress and dance in the festival would be a epic dream come true, but I'll settle for viewing, at the present time it means viewing through the means of the internet, with drool seeping down my face I might add. Not only would I love to don one of those costumes I'd love to design and make one too.
This years carnival has been quite something, with the U.K hosting the Olympics this year Rio took a lot of it's inspiration from London and paid homage through costumes such as the queen, royal guardsmen, knights, Sargent peppers lonely hearts club band, Amy Winehouse, Wayne Rooney and Freddie Mercury to name just but a few, then the was the usual samber-ness with the fragrant, colo…

McQ Illustration.

McQueen shoes. I spotted these in  an EllE magazine, and decided that I needed to illustrate them. 
I added the tartan seen as it a McQueen staple. It's the first time I've illustrated tartan and I found it quite difficult and tedious which is why it looks slightly messy! more practise needed I think!

12 in 2012

Sorry,  I'm a bit late to the party on this one , seen as it was set up on the last day of December but seriously where has the time gone!!!
Anyway back to business, I've been deliberating on this 12 in 2012 hosted over at su sews so-so since it was launched. What doesn't help was the fact that I've recently been sorted through my wardrobe, I exclaimed to my boyfriend that I didn't need any more clothes (my boyfriends face said it all) like that's going to work.
 I've tried to convince myself for the past month that I can do this and by this I mean not buy or make any clothes, but I've seen the light or the dark (dependant on how you want to look at it) and I just can't keep my greedy little hands off of the sale racks or my wandering eyes from the fabric shops. It's task that I just can't do! So the 12 in 2012 is just the thing, 12 garments for moi, well made (hopefully) and wearable i.e no fancy dresses or dodgy ones that I make just for t…

Ooo la la!

I'm feeling blue with all this cold weather, I was hoping we would get away with a mild winter this year but no such luck. However this cold dark damp bone chilling weather does have it's advantage- more time for sewing of course.

Lingerie seemed like the perfect pick-me-up, and was also something I could cross of my list of  things to try. I used this down-loadable pattern from the cloth magazine website.

The pattern is a U.K size 12/14, you can increase or decrease the size by using 5mm intervals for each size you need to go up or down too. I only scaled it down once making it a 10/12 as I wasn't sure how accurate the sizing was. Turns out it's fairly average and as they are a bit baggy on they could do with being take down another 5mm. I might add when decreasing the size I didn't take any from the crotch as it's already quite narrow.

 Here's a quick run down on how to make them....

1.  cut out knickers in a lovely satin or cotton material, seam allowance…

Style X Design Challenge.

Part of my goals list for this year was to take part in more on-line challenges such as competitions and sew-a-longs.
First competition of the year has been the Style X design challenge on burda, The challenge was to create a dream rock star fashion look. Entries had to be received by the 7th of February, you could enter as many times as you like provided that you submitted your design as a project with a mood-board.

I based my designs on the same mood board drawing inspiration from Kiss, Blondie and Kate Moss, I wanted to create a dark romance theme which was more contemporary than rock.

Here are my entries.

The Moodboard

Design No1

Design No2

Design No3

Originally I was only going to enter one design (Design No1) but because I created a few different looks, being the indecisive person that I am, I entered two more. No2 and No3 are not as neat as I would of liked them to look, but I choose to enter them at last minute so there was no time to re-draw them. I found No3 difficult to convey …

Thrifting a skirt into a dress.

Sometime last year I was having a rummage round in a charity shop and come across a skirt that was so full and long with gorgeous material. I had to have it with a view to up-cycle it. 

 It sat in my wardrobe doing nothing for a while but just before christmas, I took it out and started to examine it. Upon closer inspection it was more interesting than I first thought, the material seemed to have been cut on the bias although I believe only partially (go figure! :/) as the skirt draped beautifully on one side but was rather average on the other. Then I noticed that the stitching wasn't too straight and curiously I wondered what size it might be, only to find the was no label or tags. This could only mean one thing, it's hand made!  I was quite excited by this. I assume that who ever made the skirt made a lot of their own clothes as it was difficult material to stitch for a novice and she had used french seams too. There was also two panels towards the back of the skirt to com…

Playing with Pleats: complete

Remember this from a while back? Well I managed to finish it before Christmas, but with our crappy weather making lighting conditions difficult it's taken me until now to photograph it. 

I  decided on boning the bodice as I knew it would give it the extra support it needed in holding it up.
I used polyester boning which I ironed flat as it was curling round from the way it was packaged. I found the boning made the bodice look shapeless so I remedied this by putting the bodice back on to the stand and pining the boning into the contours of the mannequin so it would have more of a silhouette.

Previously I stated I would like to pair the bodice with slim fitting trouser but as you may have already guessed I haven't got round to making them. As It's always nice to see garments actually worn, I paired the bodice with a black skirt I already had.

(excuse the grey shoes, I used them to go with a dress I was photographing and didn't bother changing them.)

This is how it looked tuc…