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Prom Dress Toile One and Two

From this ....... this

Toile One

The first toile of my prom dress did surprise me, apart from a couple of hiccups it was relatively good! I had visions of dress pattern going wrong as I was trying a few things I hadn't done before such as a neck dart, eliminating waist darts and creating a small train on the back of the pattern

Pattern info....
As per usual I worked from the Winifred Aldrich pattern cutting book, drafting the close fitting bodice block to my own measurements. Then extending the block to make the one piece bodice block. From there I then set about creating the pattern for my prom dress design.
I started by moving the shoulder dart to the neck line and treating it as gathers, reduced the shoulder line for the narrower neckline, took out the waist darts and replaced them by shaping the waist from the sides on both front and back, and extended the hem at the back creating a curve for the train. The zip was placed at the side seam and there was a slight flare …

Prom Dress Designs

This is a bit of a long winded story but bear with me, I'm really close to my Auntie and her two children, mainly down to my mother being her twin. Also because my auntie suffers with some mild learning difficulties and also from depression which, at times amplifies the learning difficulties, my mother and at times myself have always helped her out. my mother technically acting as her carer.
 My Auntie also has two children which my mother helped raise as their Father didn't stick around. (which was probably a good thing - let's just say he hasn't got a good reputation!!) As a result my two cousins are more like my brother and sister rather than cousins. There is four years between me and Natalie and six years between me and Jonathan. As kids me and Natalie would fight like cat and dog and my mother seriously though we would grow up hating each other, but it's very much the opposite. Now your probably wondering what this has got do to with a prom. well you see my …

Sewing Fashion Trends: Oriental

Japanese and the oriental always fascinates me, I love the colours, textiles, architecture and the history, not to mention the fashion, so it's no surprise I'm quite taken with this trend!

 After last years spring summer trend for neutrals and lady like style it's no surprise to see a contrast. The sophistication of the lady like trend continues but this time inspired by the orient. Lot's of  kimono styles appearing in both jacket and dress form, along with oriental colours from red and white to more vivid flashes of purple and orange. This is one trend I'm sewing in to.                                                            Oriental dress by Aquilano.Rimond

Outfit designs both by  Etro
Altuzarra Dries van Noten

Patterns If like me you want would rather 'sew' into the trend than buy into it then here are a few patterns to inspire you...........

Newlook Workroom Newlook workroom patterns are leading the trend. Pattern no 6120 is a lovely dress and…