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In the sketch book....

I like to keep a sketch book at hand for when inspiration calls. Mostly my sketches are scrawly and often contain notes which help me remember design details.

Sneaky Peaks....

Hiya!! The bombshell dress is still under construction. It's only pinned in place in the photo not actually attached. The bodice still needs some alterations to fit me properly but the bra part is looking good, so that's a bonus.

Annnddd I've finally completed my first make of 2014! It's only a basic skirt but I've used a tulle type net over-lay to try and make it that little bit more interesting, all I need is a fine day (noticed I said fine not sunny- Well I don't want to ask for too much ;) and then I can take some pics.

What are your sewing/creative plans at the mo'? Also how exciting is it that The Great British Sewing Bee is back on Tuesday. I can't wait, I've got a cup of tea (peppermint) and my note book at the ready!!

Taschen 'Illustration Now' Diary

These are taken from my Taschen 2013 Illustration Now diary. so I thought I'd share a selection of  illustrations that greeted me weekly last year! 
sadly I haven't bought one for this year. Last year I received a total of three diary's as Christmas presents and this Christmas didn't disappoint either as I received two.... I ought to work on filling them, two diary should mean double the time, Right!!