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Mad Men Challenge Completed!

I've been hoping to take part in the mad men challenge since it was first started. Finally on the third attempt I've got round to it, so I'm feeling super happy with myself right now :)

 I decided to make a dress which was ' inspired' by the mad men show. The pattern on my fabric is probably a bit vivid and not exactly 60's, but I loved the fabric and thought what the hell!

I'd like to think I kept to the 60's theme with the pattern though and in creating a similar style to what Betty Draper wears, I choose a wiggle dress. The pattern has bust and waist darts, a center back seam and a vent. It was a freebie from sew magazine a while back called the Tiffany dress (an in house pattern design,  issue 16. October 2010).

I didn't toile the pattern but I  measure the pattern comparing with my own measurements, to get a good fit. It sewed up quickly but the down side was gaping at the front and back neckline. I tried to fix this as best I could by adjusti…

March WIP's

 I'm attempting to do a little production style sewing, in hope that I can sew more clothes this way. So far so good!
I'm only taking small steps but by having two garments in the sewing process and one cut out ready to go. I feel I'm moving through projects a lot quicker.

This months sewing projects.....

1. Matching top and skirt combo Feeling inspired by the border print fabric I bought, I'm creating a matching two piece that will hopefully look something like the sketch I made.

2. Mad Men challenge dress A bit wacky and maybe not so 60's inspired fabric, but I hope the wiggle dress design itself will scream 60's

3. Bombshell Dress  I think I must be in the running for taking the longest time ever to make this dress!! but I'm on the home straight. Lining is boned and ready to be attached then it's the waist stay, skirt vent and hem and then I'm finished!!!!

What are you sewing this month?

Sorbet Burst Spring Collection

Feeling inspired by pantone's spring colour report, I decided to do my own collection based on them.
Sticking to a fairly relaxed vibe I sketched designs that I would like to see in my own wardrobe. The maxi skirt is a bit wayward but everyone needs an eccentric piece don't you think?

As for spring I'm dying to bring out my warmer weather clothes but it's still too cold. I don't know if your like me but I pack my summer clothes away for winter and vice-versa . I think I'll start with a winter wardrobe purge ready to make room for the summer ones!

I'm in! Mad Men Challenge 3

Hopefully this will be third time lucky for me with this challenge. The first one I missed completely, then last year I planned to take part, but decorating and moving house took center stage. Maybe this year is my year to finally take part?!......
Truthfully it's not off to good start. I remembered the challenge being announced as coming soon, but then missed the actual post on Julia Bobbin with all the details and closing date, until I came across it yesterday!! Which means I'll have to get my 'sewing bee on' and work really quick to finishing it in, Oh say two weeks!! Ekkk!!

Lets talk inspiration: I'm going to go with what I know suits me and keeps in with my style. I'm thinking fitted, short and sleeveless, Channeling the following dress's........

 Looking at what I picked out on pinterest I've realised that I'm  drawn to Betty's style the most so I'd like to create a similar style to the black and gold dress. Although I love the floral …

The not so mustard skirt- Vogue V8084

After last weeks layered skirt using vogue V8084. I  made up another of the skirts (view c) this time using wool jersey fabric in a mustard colour.

The fabric came back darker than I expected. I would of liked it to be more yellowy than brown, but that's they beauty of internet shopping!

Again this skirt sewed up really easy, because of the stretch I decide to leave out the zip completely and hope that it fitted over my derriere, which as it happened it did with out much yanking too!

Lace Applique 

As this is such a basic skirt to add interest I appliqued lace on to the skirt, hand stitching it in place. I started by using a prick stitch so it wouldn't be so visible. To aid this I was knotting on each stitch, and cutting the tread.....this took forever! I switched  to using a long running stitch which was coupled with the odd prick stitch for added stability. not as neat as the prick stitch but definitely much faster :)

Waistband Construction

Instead of attaching the waist band …

Pattern Re-Visit: Vogue Asymmetric skirt

As someone who tends to be a one pattern wonder, where I make it once and  then toss it to the side. I thought that one of my goals for this year should be to re-visit patterns, try out different options and perfect any fitting/style problems.
For my first re-visit I started by using the first ever sewing pattern I made up! This is a super easy Vogue easy options pattern V8084, view C with the asymmetric hem.

In my attempt be more creative when doing pattern re-visits I settled on layering two fabrics. My first thought was to line the skirt but as I was using two fabrics I decided not to.

I wanted to use black spotted tulle and layer it over pale pink satin. Jeeeez though how hard is it to find black spotted tulle?! Maybe it's me not looking hard enough but if anyone knows where I can purchase some in the UK please let me know :) I ended up buying dotted power mesh. Not exactly tulle but at least it had dots!

Construction: The skirt went together with no problems. I even match up …

Spring Colours and Style

For sometime I've felt that my sense of style is non existent. Its partly down to winter and work. I just feel like I'm dressing same old' same old', I have been trying to change up my outfits and challenge myself to look a bit more stylish whist remaining warm but I'm really looking forward to the spring and milder weather.

This year I'd like to be braver with my style, try out some new looks and go back to my quirky style that I appear to have 'lost'. I've even been pining the types of look I'd like to channel to my 'style love' board on pinterest.

Later this week I finally have a sewing make to show you :)