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The thingamajig...

When I seen this picture on facebook today I had a right giggle. It also reminded me of when I first had a sewing machine and how mindbogglingly alien it all felt (and looked) and so I just had to share the image with you! I'm sure you'll sympathise with me on this.

 I still get that alien feeling too when I'm over tied, trying to finish a project and my mind does a blank and I'm left thinking 'what does this bit do again'!

Sewing Fashion Trends: Suits

Suits are big news this season and being a bit of a fashion junkie myself I have to admit I'd love one, whether I would wear it as a complete outfit I'm not sure!!
The desire to make one is tempting especially as currently on my 'sewing to-do list is an orange jacket. It certainly is tempting to making matching trousers so the option to wear it as one is there!

Runway Style:

 Balenciaga And Lanvin we just two of the many designers who sent suits down the runway, usually all in one colour from the lurid and loud right through to the more conservative colours of blacks and neutrals. and if your not a fan of wearing a head to to suit that why not try a shorts version, which was equally as popular and quite possibly a little more chic!
Images from

Sewing your own Style:

By Hand London Victoria Blazer Colette 1019 Clover Pattern

Hot patterns 1139  Riviera Tuxedo trousers  Sewaholic 1205 Cordova Jacket

vogue misses V8781

 Vogue Misses V1325
thinking of making your own suit…

Goodnight Elle xx

Two weeks ago today and at the grand old age of 13 I lost my beloved pooch Elle (pronounced Ellie). Elle had been ill for a while, she had been having fits for the last 8 months, and the week before she passed she had become quite unwell and receiving medical attention from the vet but thankfully she passed away peacefully in her home.  I had become so scared that she she would die whilst having a fit or not come out of one and have to be put to sleep that I really was relived she went in the way she did! 
Elle was the best dog ever!  And I mean it! people keep saying to us 'oh we had a dog, when it died we got another one and we loved it even more than the first one' but for us (me and my Parents) Elle was that dog. 
I've always had a dog, when I was born my parents already had Beth our first King Charles Spaniel. She was lovely, but Elle.,Well elle was something else.  We had her from 8 weeks old and I choose her! I choose her for two reasons. The ruby king Charles span…