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Style Crush: Gwen Stefani

I caught the video for no doubt's new single a few days back ( I like it by the way) and I was thinking to myself how amazing does Gwen Stefani look! I mean the girl/lady/women, is 42 for pity sake!! Well wow oh wowzers is all I can say! She doesn't look much different to when No doubt first started, ok she might, have possibly, had a little help (who knows? It is Hollywood after all!) but doesn't she look great!

I've always admired her style too, a little somewhat of a chameleon  and not afraid to experiment either her style to me is a little more everyday wearable, say compared to Paloma Faiths and I tell you another thing I like about Gwen Stefani although she is 'another' one of those celebrity's donning a clothing line, L.A.M.B to be precise she apparently comes from a line of seamstresses and grew up sewing herself, she has allegedly also sewn some of her label samples herself too, which I must admit is like gold dust for celebrity's to do, even s…

What's on my sewing table....

Experimental- I've been playing with pleats again!! Another top this time in pink, oh and I've been using starch too!! 

Panel skirt, using some of that lovely Tilda fabric I recently bought and white klona cotton from the lovely Alice at Backstitch, If you haven't ordered from backstitch yet your in for a treat, seriously I don't know what I look forward to the most, the fabric or the way it's it's beautifully wrapped!! It comes in-cased in tissue paper with green ribbon around it, a sticker holding it in place and (yes there's an and!) a personalised thank you card!! (it's the smallest things I'm sure you'll agree!!)

Forgive the wrinkly-ness of the pink fabric, I've ironed it now I promise hehe!! This is going to be the Pan Am outfit I'm, trying to recreate!! 

Decisions, Decisions, decisions   Finally I'm getting round to making a sorbetto top (yes!!) I'm trying to decide weather to make one in both the pink and the blue strip, (…

Re-done; tea length dress

This is another one from a while back too. I first made this dress last September, (wow was it really that long ago!!) but I was unhappy with the final result.
The waist was uneven and too low, I had put bows on the shoulders and a belt round the waist but with the fabric featuring a bow and flower print all over, it all looked a bit busy, truth be told.
On top of that I underlined the dress in cream to warm up the hash white fabric and decided to line it in cream too (what a good idea that was-Not) . It all just didn't seem to go.

Earlier this year I set to work on putting it right, other projects did get in the way though, and stopped me in my tracks (other times I've just been plain lazy though!)  That's why it's taken me until last week to get it finished, but at least I'm far happier with the result.



Close up of fabric print

Please excuse the photo's, I don't think it does the dress justice, but the weather is cack again to take them outside.


Introducing.....The Gabrielle Cape.

sooo, you know how I have this unccany nack of starting a project and finishing it about eight months down the line, well this is another of those projects!!

Cast your mind back if you can to when I did these sketches...

By now I should of had all four finished, (okay maybe not the third as it is covered in feathers). Insead I have one done, the first one and I've decided to call it the Gabrielle cape.

 I am really proud of it!I worked really hard on getting the shape right ( really, I didn't think a curve could be so stress full to get smooth) and although this is more of a sample cape ( I'd love to sell on etsy as most of you are well aware) It turned out pretty good even if I do say so myself!!

Tech info:

I drafted the pattern using the Winifred Aldrich pattern cutting book and drafted the cape using an outerwear flat pattern cutting block (no shaping e.g darts).
I toiled it, take a deep breath, at least 3 times if not four to get the shaping right!
The cape is pretty a…