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Illustration Friday: Shadow

As someone who likes to stay with in the area of fashion illustration, by which is what I like to draw in a general sense, this weeks illustration Friday completely stumped me. I mean shadow; what am I suppose to draw for that! Plus I don't really like black, well sometimes I do but mostly I don't and when I ever, on the rare occasion draw in black it all ends up in a big squiggly mess! so I guess I'll just have to make it a colourful mess Hmphhh!!
My Inspiration: Was a bit thin on the ground so the idea of a silhouette was the best I could come up with, not so much a shadow but close enough.  A structured piece from the 50's was my guide as the shape of the outline, which I brushed over with water first and then got bizzy with the inky, and created the funky mixed image you see at the top of the page. 
I'm not so sure I likey what I did, but the colours, oh the colours, they look so pretty. It's kinda inspired me to do some actually dress designs, which I'l…

Illustration Friday: Tail

Promarker / fineliner
The idea for this illustration Friday theme started off very different to what I finally did. Things got a bit busy mid-week so I had no time to sketch out what I intended, which included bright colours and glitter!   A cat themed jumper fashion sketch was my last minute entry, which is surprising to me since I have to admit I'm not a cat person. I'm very much a dog person but on jumpers I always think cat motifs look much cuter than dog ones, unless it's a pug, how can you not resist a pug?  

Novembers WIP'S

pleated wool skirt, 3/4 of the way finished

Bombshell dress muslin #2 cut and ready to thread trace
Glitter, glitter and more Glitter for my final illustration
My November WIP'S are shaping up quite well. I've set myself the task of having the illustration for the skillshare class I've been taking and the pleated skirt completed within the week. The skirt is at risk of turning into a disaster though. In true form I rushed to cut out the fabric, didn't read the instructions and I'm now having to incorporate the zip into the side seam along with the in-seam pocket. I've also pleated both front and back of the skirt when it should of only been the front so I could end up looking like a sugar plum fairy in it! (I really hope not).

Illustration Friday: Energy


I decided to mix it up for this weeks illustration Friday theme and used watercolour colour paints, I've also avoided outlining the illustration in fine liner which is something I usually do, but I felt the skirt needed to speak out and I think it does this without the need of a black fine-liner.

On a side note I'm really getting in to these illustration Friday weekly challenges. I feel they are manageable for me and I'm beginning to realise that I'm not as patient as I though I was and that I do loose interest quickly, where this type of challenge is enough to keep me going without the boredom  element kicking in, please tell me I'm not the only one who suffers from this?

Illustration: Dress Coat

  promarkers / fine liners 
Inspired by my 'need' of a dress coat. I sketch out this idea that had been in my head for a while. I just think dress coats look so chic and like you've made an effort but with minimal fuss, just chuck on a pair of leggings and some ankle boots and your ready to face the day!

Winter is always a strange time of year for me, I love the crisp cold sunny days and the snow, but I hate the foggy, damp and rainy dark days. I also hate wearing a million layers just to keep warm and I need to keep warm, I feel the cold terribly. My wardrobe diet consists of skinny jeans, biker or over the knee ridding type boots, thermal vest (don't judge me), long sleeved top, jumper and finally a coat.

 I love coats but my favourite in terms of practicality is my ski jacket! it's the warmest coat I've ever owned but the best thing is, that it is fitted so I don't feel like a Michelin man ( which I did have a bomber jacket once, in grey, with horizontal…

Bombshell Project: An Update...

The bombshell dress project looked so promising. I was enjoying following the videos on craftsy (I swear it's the best way I learn). Assembling the muslin was going well, I was even enjoying doing the thread tracing which is something I thought I would hate, and although I knew I was going to need to do a bust adjustment that didn't faze me either.
What I wasn't prepared for was my muslin fabric stretching out of shape right in the part where I needed to make the bust adjustment!!

Looking Sexy, like a hot mess with the muslin on inside out and with just one boob!
Shit, Shit, Shit and triple Shit!
Unfortunately the bombshell muslin's been stuck on my mannequin ever since, I make that around 3-4* weeks now! The up-side is that I don't need to but more fabric for the project. A little rummage through my fabric box and I found some suitable fabric that hopefully won't stretch out of shape this time!

 The muslin was planned to be done by now, especially as I've h…

Illustration Friday: Secret

Pencil on paper This weeks illustration Friday theme was secret, and my chosen medium was pencil.
It's not something I illustrate with often but sometimes the mood just takes me. With pencil I find it can give a raw more thought provoking effect, which was perfect for sketching the secret theme.