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Halloween Illustration

Happy Halloween!!! you didn't think I'd gone just yet did you?
I thought I would leave you with one last post before I take a week off, so that makes it 31 posts out of 31 for blogtober fest yay!!!
I did this illustration last year, based on a costume from strictly come dancing, but I left it too late to post on the blog last year, so here it is this year!!!!
Hope you have a good Halloween what ever you do I'm off to carve my pumpkin!!
see you next week muchas love  xx

The end is nigh (blogtober fest)

Well my friends as the titles says 'the end is nigh!' what am I talking about,  Blogtober fest of course.
so I did it, I took up my first blogger challenge and completed it (bar one day but shhhh! hehe), I was a little unsure at first to sign up partly because I was afraid I wouldn't complete the challenge but in the end I thought 'what the hell'. plus I feel I should be more active in the blogsphere so this was a great way of dip my toe so to speak.

so here's a little run down of how I did it and my thought.

How I did it....
Strictly I didn't 'actually' blog every day, I used a fair amount of scheduled posting, I did this to free up time as I tend to pop on the net to have a quick check of emails, facebook, blog, twitter ect. and end up being on here far longer than I intended, so by scheduled posting it makes sure I'm not lolling around on here and being more productive else where i.e. sewing.
How I decided what to post about was to write a li…

Downton Abbey, Coat Love.

I tend to dip in and out of Downton abbey, usually because I forget it's on ( head like a sieve!) but I managed to catch an episode a few weeks back, and have been swooning over a coat that Lavinia  was wearing ever since. 
It's such a sweetie of a coat, deffinatly not a winter coat, but something of an early autunm or spring coat. It appears to have only one fastening although I'm not sure what you call this fastening (anyone know?), A large sailor collar that act as the lappels. It's fitted through the waist with plates on the back of the coat, after the fastening the coat has a gentle curve down the center front, and has turn ups on the sleeve.

I think I'm quite smitten with the colour too although i think it would look equally as nice in a powder blue, duck-egg green or powder pink.

These last two images are a little blurry but the videos to view the coat can be found here at 4.22 and here at 6.22.

sewing tip: matching up zips.

I love zips, wonderful invention, I do like other fastenings too but zips are the most easiest and convenient for me. The only problem with zips, more specifically concealable zips is that when they run through a waist seam it can be difficult to mach the seam up, so this is how I do it and the technique used on yesterdays post .
Sew the one side of the zip to the fabric as normal.
(note, I missed step 2 out and couldn't be faffing about with Photoshop to correct all the steps!!)

After stitching the one side of the zip, pull the zip up so it is closed.
 Take the side of the fabric that needs to be sewn to the zip and line it up to match the other seam, making sure the fabric and the zip are both lying flat, then hold both the fabric and the zip in place

  Pin the fabric and zip you were holding in place and proceed to undo the zip.

  pin the zip properly as you would if you were sewing the zip. do the zip back up and see how well it lines up to the seam hopefully it should match …

Sewing:Black Day Dress

The black dress I spoke about in ' whats on my sewing table' post is done and dusted! I correct my stupid mistake by rummaging through my fabric stash and finding a piece of black crystal organza, which I used as an overlay to the original pattern piece, this time making sure to cut on the fold.   I did sew up the center seam on the original piece but only with a 0.5cm seam allowance so it wouldn't alter the size too much, and then layered the organza over this, stitching it in place. The material I used was another piece I had given me, it's a cotton twill type of fabric with a nice weight.
The Front.

The Back.
Organza Overlay 
The pattern was one of the free ones I got with sew magazine a while back (it's the first pattern shown here), and is one of their own designs, which tend to be a generous fit. Usually I would  make a size 10 if  using a simplicity or a burda pattern so that it's not too tight on my bust, but I choose the size 8 for this and boy am I g…

Felt making inspiration.

Some of you may have read my post on creative stitching and hobbycrafts as you will know I enjoyed the show and came away with this felt making kit. unfortunately I've still not used it yet, but I have been researching into feltmaking and finding ideas of what to make. There are some lovely things which has given me plenty of inspirtaion but I'm thinking of keeping it simple for now.

feltmaking inspiration....

 Baymut a shop on etsy selling lovely elegant pieces, I especially love the white circle scarf. 

ShishLOOK design Another etsy store, selling pretty and playful accessories ...

HandyMaria  selling unique accessories AND beautiful clothes made from felt... 

 Scarf by Liz Clay, it looks so delicate and sweet enough to eat!! 

And then there another scarf made of small circles by  sylvia woodford, now I think this is something I could make.........

 Do any of you felt make or ever had a go?  what do you think of felt accessories yay or nay?
whatever your thoughts on felt or fel…

Sewing Tip.

How many times have you been sewing along and then ouch!! you've pricked your finger, then you notice it's bleeding and even worse it's on the fabric too!!
This has happened to me so many times but I think it's worse when it's on a white or light coloured fabric. Here's  little tip I picked up: you must do this immediately, wet your finger with your own saliva and then dab it on to the blood, you may have to wet your finger with saliva a few times, but the blood should disappear in no time at all leaving you with clean fabric but still nursing a sore finger, for which I recommend a slice of chocolate cake........

what's on my sewing table?

yesterday was a no show for Blogtoberfest I wanted to put up a post but found myself to tired after a busy day to even lift the lid on my lap top, I'm also finding myself having a touch of writers bock or bloggers block if you will, But I am determined to see out the rest of Blogtoberfest.

What are you currently sewing? I'm making myself a trusty little black day dress, it's occurred to me on a couple of occasions that I do not own a black dress at all, so I thought I'd start off by sewing a day dress, with sleeves I might add.  unfortunately I've already hit a slight snag, slight being the operative word here, I've only gone a made a school book error, now what is it they say, make sure you read the instruction before doing anything!! So what have I done I hear you ask?  I've only gone and cut the front out as two separate pieces instead of on the fold!!!! Fuming is not the word, I was livid when I realised what I done it was made worse because I don't…

Balloon Skirt illustration

Third and final illustration from last week, incorporating the balloon skirt.

I feel much happier with this illustration I think I'm slowly getting my drawing mojo back,  hurray!!
I also tried drawing cartoon-ish circles on her cheeks, I think it makes her look like she is blushing though!!

pinafore dress and belt illustration

Just a quick post today!!

I managed to do a few drawing last week, This is the first time since before going away in July that I've done any, I almost forgot how relaxing it can be so I made it up by doing three. This is the first one based it on the belt I made to go with the pinafore dress. I think you can tell I haven't drawn for a while with this one everything looks a little out of sorts..
The shading on the dress has come up a bit weird not helped by the fact  I haven't got a dark blue/ navy coloured pen. I tried to compensate by laying down a grey colour, but my scanner has made it look green-ish- in places- oh the delights of technology!!

Pattern making; Pink Wool Balloon Skirt

I do like making skirts!! And making this one has reminded me that I should make them more.  It's an unusual skirt by the way of name as it's called a balloon skirt. now call me dull, but I've never herd of a balloon skirt before, bubble and tulip, yes, balloon, no! it looks more like a tulip skirt to me only with pleats.

The pattern came from a book titled Patternmaking in fashion by Lucia Mors De Castro ( I think the aurthor is German, so maybe a Ballon skirt is a German term??)  I picked it up in urban outfitters in the sale, £10 down to £8 then when I got to the till it was £5 I think that makes it a steal!! This is the only pattern I've made from the book so far, but it has around 8-10 pattern's in it that all look worth trying.

The Pattern

It was easy to draft, and it's left up to you to decide how long you want the skirt, where to place the pleats, how wide you want them and how high the waist band is. The pleats are created by drawing curves on to the b…

Bow Belt & 'how to' link

After seeing the bow belts of the world unite post over at  Tilly and the Buttons, I couldn't resist and had to give the ' How to' a go.

I choose to use red fabric that I already had in my stash.

This belt is so easy to make yet really effective and a great way to use up any left over fabric.

Creative stitches & hobbcrafts

Yesterday morning I traveled to Cardiff to see the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts exhibition. My cousin who is very much in to textile design and embroidery, wanted to go and asked if I would be her tag-a-long. so off we went. 
I didn't really know what to expect as this is the first sewing exhibition I've been too, I knew there would be lots of stalls, talks and demonstrations but surprisingly there was also lots products for sale, exhibitors, mini workshops and craft supplies for sale.  The exhibition area was much larger that I expected and we spent a good 3 hours wandering around, talking to stall holders, watching demonstrations and being inspired by the exhibition displays.

one feature that I did know about and one of the main attractions was the 'Dressed For Downtown' exhibit. There were 6 costumes from the period drama Downtown Abbey on display. They all looked as wonderful in real life as they do on screen, the costumes included the ones worn by Cora,Cou…