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Burdastyle: Are going fishing or exploring top?

Hurray I've completed my first make of 2012. I opted for something easy but also something I knew I would wear. The top (see image above) was featured in December's burda magazine and was quite the thing. I think it's pattern number 109 style B.
It's a very simple loose fittling top with 3/4 sleeves, perfect for this time of year. The top is suppose to have a zip in the back but I ommited this as I didn't think it needed it.  Rather than make a toile/muslin, I loosely based the sides and shoulders together and tried it on. I decided to take the sides in a touch just to add a little shape to the waist.  I love this top. As an everday wearable item, it does the job nicely. I'm also a fan of 3/4 sleeves so this ticked all the boxes. I made it around two weeks ago and have already worn it a good few times.

I wanted to take a picture of me actually out shopping with it on, but the first time I forgot my camera and then the next two times it was raining.
The details.


Was having a little nosey around this website a few days ago and thought it maybe of some interest to you lovely lot. It's called stitchless and is all about the easy way to make clothes and upcycle. I think the website is somewhat newish but one to watch non the less.

How to make a silk frill peplum

A Sleeveless cardigan with draped sides

There are a few different sections on the website:  clothes combining, from scratch and Stitchless TV video tutorials

This video is a simple idea of how to make a pattern for a top.

It's only a simple idea but one I wish I'd thought of before throwing out some of my old tops. 
There are more videos on stitchless website too.

How To: fashion sketching

so much for a productive start to 2012! I've come down with a cold so I'm feeling somewhat lethargic and not really in the mood to sew, so I thought I would leave you with a diagram and a video I found about learning how to draw fashion figures. It uses the same method that I used when I first started drawing.

 Generally to draw fashion figures you use either a 9 or 10 head rule (see diagram below). This is based on the human head fitting in to the length of the average human body approximately 8 and half times but for fashion drawing you use either the 9 head rule or the 10 head rule where by you lengthen the legs so it's more ascetically pleasing and 'fashionable'!

To achieve the 10 head rule each section is broken up into equal measurements, using an A4 pieces of paper I  space each section around 2.5cm or 3cm apart and then lightly draw in the figure before giving it clothes , shoes hair and a face although some people prefer to design clothes without the dist…

Illustrating Fendi resort 2012

marker pen/gouache paint/ink/photoshop

I love the new Fendi Ad campaigns shot by Karl Largerfeld for resort 2012. They are quite refreshingly zesty with a yellow back ground but I paired my version down which is a take on this Ad.