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Animal Print Kaftan dress

The blurb: This is a first for me, I've  actually sewn the same pattern twice, *feels forehead, nope fine*. I really liked this pattern which was a freebie from sew magazine, and after sewing up the shortest version I opted to try out the longest, and I love it!! It's not without fault but I did succeeded in neaten-ing out the neckline.  You can read more about the shorter version, here which has pattern links too!  
The pattern alterations: I changed the neckline to a deeper curve which I'm happy with but I should of known better and graduated it out from the shoulders instead of doing it all the way around. Having a Petit frame means I struggle with garments being too wide at the shoulders at the best of times, talk about text book error! Although I did achieve a neater neck line which I put down to careful cutting and equally importantly stay-stitching the neckline to keep it's shape. Being a little shorty I had a hunch the dress would be too long for me but rather t…

What's on my sewing table....

What's on yours?

Illustration class

With it being September, that back to school vibe got me good and proper so I decided to take a Skillshare class on illustration your own runway looks. The first part of the class is split in two first was to choose your inspiration, paying no particular attention just going with your gut feeling and what spoke to you. The second part of that was to sketch these looks with the emphasis being on the shape of the dress.

We are encouraged to be creative with our projects explaining a little about the images and inspiration, we can even write a story if we wish - I wasn't that cleaver so this is what I wrote:

Inspiration wise I found myself being drawn to soft feminine images with just a hint of structure which I hope will make for an interesting and exciting project that will challenge me! Sketches: I've never been one for drawing faces I do like to challenge myself but I've kept them simple and a nod towards my personal style of sketching! I aimed to over exaggerat…

Refashion: Acid Dress to Acid Skirt

I've had the dress sat in my alteration/refashion pile for what feels like forever and a day, so finally I decided to do something with it!  Despite the dress being in my size it wouldn't go anywhere near my bust, but at least the bottom half fitted so I knew I'd be able to turn it into a skirt!
Unconstructing/Reconstructing  I started by unpicked the skirt from the top part along with the lining, darts and pleats, and removing the side zip. To do the the remake I first altered the pleats from 2 box style pleats to four single ones, and on the back I created just two pleats, I reinserted the zip, adjusted the lining to fit the skirt and sewed it all back together with the addition of curved petersham to the waist!

 I did try the skirt on for fit as I went along I aired on the side of caution with the ease but as it turned out it was a bit too cautious and a little on the big side!! Although with a little help from my elastic belt, it's not so noticeable, the downside i…

Summers End

Oh my gosh! I can't believe it's September already, but there's definitely a chill in the air hinting autumn's on a whisker away. Soon it will be no more floaty skirts and in with the winter woollens!

Sketching Wise I'm experimenting with different poses and close' up's! I also decided to get creative on the ole' Photoshop too and throw in a bit of inspiration from Hayden Williams too!

I don't know if it's just me but with it being September and all I still find I get that 'back to school feeling'. I always find myself wanting to go out and buy new stationery and books. I get right envious too when I see all the arty type students buying all their sketching/painting materials and humongous folders, although I don't miss carrying those around! Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets this back to school envy?

I caved too and got myself a shiny new sketch book and with it being the start of a new academic year I also decided t…