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Top 10 designers of 2010.

I can't believe how quick this year has gone, its flown by. As the new one is around the corner sneaking up on us I thought I would do one finally post of the year. So to end it I've done my top ten designers of the year. They'r not in any particular order that would take me to long to figure out. so here goes:

Basso & Brooke
love the colours and prints used in this S/S 2010 collection, still makes me feel all summery when I look at it now.
Michael Kors
 He does some lovely minimalist designs never too complicated but always elegant and relaxed.
Etro reminds me of early 1900's fashion but with modern cuts and styling, its nice when you can see where fashion takes its inspiration from. 

Erdem is quickly becoming one of my favourite designers. The last few collections of his I really like and this S/S 2010 is no exception with its ditsy floral print and all over holiday feeling.

strong, bold, feminine and true to itself. Channel can do no wrong and Karl lag…

New up-and-coming designers

One of the reasons I first started this blog was to keep up to date with fashion design and see what old and new designers are doing, but I feel I've been neglecting this part of the blog so from now on I'm going to try and make this a regular feature.

First off;

 Emma Cook.
A British designer who's been producing collections since 2002. In 2008 she did a capsule collection for Top Shop which she was highly praised for.
Her collections are often based on a fictional character who she imagines traveling the world and through time. Cook likes to use print in her designs some of which have been done using hand painting techniques.

This is part of her Asos collection, I love the prints she's used especially the one on the bottom right its quite Erie with the dark pastel tones and I really like the one next to it with a mixture of black,white and grey tones its an unusual spin as I'm so used to seeing just black and white being used. How cute is that pom-pom cape, its…

Costume design

OK ,I know, I'm a bit obsessed with these strictly come dancing inspired designs, but the good news is there's only one show left and then a Xmas special so hopefully I won't be doing many more of them, which means I'll have to find something else to inspire me, but don't worry I've already got something in mind!
With this one I wanted to use feathers in a showgirl kind of way so I went with the long thin wispy type feather fringing (I'm not sure what its called- any Ideas?) and the colours were inspired by the sea- a strange combination -I know, but I think it works, for once I've layed off the diamante and with this one I've tried to concentrate on giving her face a bit more depth with a little shading.
The only problem with this is that on paper I'm really pleased with it and I think its one of my best ones, but when scanned into my computer the skin tone and head/ face area look really harsh and streaky its like the scanner has picked up on t…