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Blogtoberfest 2012

Having been excited to participate in this last year, I recently received an invite off  Kat at I saw you dancing who is hosting it this year, so I've decided to do it all again!! Oddly after the euphoria of finishing it last year and stating I would do it again, I've been say to myself all year 'I'm not doing it' but well here we are!
So for those of you who don't know what Blogtoberfest is, I'll give you a quick run down. Every year in the month of October, Blogtoberfest is held, there are no real rules, just you have to Blog every day through out October! A bit of a challenge but it is do-able, as I proved last year, I did miss one day though :(  
You can blog about anything you want and even host give-aways. Intrigued? ... pop over to I saw you dancing and sign up! Still not convinced? Don't worry if you don't blog every day, know-one is going to punish you for it , I promise. If your a wizz on the computer or you have time on your hands then y…

Doing things and not doing things.

You know how at the beginning of the year I decided to do this 12 in 2012 thingy, well it really isn't going well! October is around the corner and I'm lucky if I've got a quarter of what I set out to do, done. 
Reflecting on the decision, my position at the begging of the year was different, I wasn't working so I had time on my hands for a start.
 I also realised I made the list way to long, I should of stuck with 12 things and 12things only instead of 36, I mean where the hell, did 12 in 2012 become 36 in 2012!! Another thing I've realised is that my taste change's often and something that I want to make at the beginning of the year, can easily be out of favour x number months later. 

so for a minutiae update and a proposal for next year keep reading.......
By the way the writing in pink is the latest progress, and the blue/duckegg colour is from previous posts.

12 items of clothing.....

trench coat - Done :) this was one item I really wanted to do this year so I&#…

Sewing: Tilda Panel Skirt

Just a quick post amongst all the fashion show inspiration posts I've been putting up to say that I'm still sewing and my machine is not gathering dust although it is on go-slow!

This last week has been like a roller-coaster it's had more ups and downs, twists and turns than god knows what but it all looks to be coming good!! Before the roller coaster started, literally about an hour, and I'm not exaggerating, I managed to finish sewing my panel skirt!

I self drafted the pattern for the skirt omitting darts for seams and folding them out completely for the waist band. I didn't bother toiling the pattern. As the skirt is unlined, I basically fitted it on myself as I went along!  I used klona cotton fabric from back stitch and the panel fabric was from my Tilda stash of fat quarters. I put a side zip in as not to break up the panel on the back.
I love the colour combo, it's actually quite fresh, the down side is that it's more for summer wear so I'm hopi…

Fashion show: London

A little bit later than planned, but I finally got round too looking at the rest of London fashion week, all in all I was really impressed, I though London really stepped up  a notch,  it's looks were much more polished and pristine than usual. I think it's the royal effect with, the Queens Jubilee and Kate have so much of an influence on what people are wearing I think British designers have looked directly at her style and capitalised on it, after all it would do soo much for a brand if Kate was to wear it, an advertising dream so to speak!!

Burberry Prorsum

Possibly one of my favourite show's I felt Christopher bailey really excelled himself with outer wear and cheekily steeling my thunder with capes (wonder if he's been looking at my blog for ideas haha!) the lace over layed coat is divine and so chic done in beige, it's perfect in that colour, not too over the top or bridal looking. I'm also a fan of the very fitted extremely cropped trench coat, now i qui…

Fashion show: Issa

One word, Beautiful!
 I've come to expect nothing less from Issa, she effortlessly puts out collection after collection of the highest standard and whilst I may not wear outfits like the ones seen below, I do find them lovely and inspiring to look at! 
This collection very much transports me to some tropical island, my dream destination! The colours and prints evoke fantasy of high temperatures, beaming sun shine, sandy shores and sipping that all important tropical cocktail, perfect! 

The first design is conjuring up a short length kimono style top in my mind and the partial laser print on the second one is making me envious, they were also seen on Matthew Williamson show too (a different design obviously), either way I don't care which design it is I'm on the hunt for a meter or two!

 Simple looks but elegant non the-less, I especially like the embellishment on the white dress, it stops it from being plain and gives it a little something. One to bear in mind I think!


fashion week: London

Gritty, edgy and preppy are some of the words that usually describe London fashion week! Not this year, the early forecast shows it to be more refined, laid back and cool, it's quite refreshing to be fair. Lets take a look ...
Matthew Williamson

Never one to disappoint with colour and print normally but this show did contain quite a lot of blacks, greys and off whites but pleanty of colour too. His cut's and styles were spot on and worked well with his prints. I'm quite taken with this colour combo print, and laser prints in general, now if only I could get my hands a meter or two!

 Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Inspirations galore with this collections, it was like taken a look through fashion history, from 40's to 50's to 80's. Madonna esk looks, Amy winehouse nods, just really fun twists on past era's, oh with the odd green face thrown in as you do? I liked this modern take on a 60's look one for the inspiration file!

James Long

The collection didn't…

Sewing books and fabric needs

My book case is about to groan at the sight of these two new additions, I really shouldn't have bought them, but due to my lovely work colleague asking me 'have you seen the book with patterns in it, in the bookshop?' I surely had to go and have a look. Sold! I'd bought the book she told me about and another one that caught my eye too!!  

The book my colleague was telling me about was Sew U Home Stretch, the built by Wendy guide to sewing knit fabric! I nearly left it there to have a think about it, then realised it was the only one left on the shelf and as it's about knit fabrics, which is something I know little about, (literally a bikini and a strapless dress that I made when I first started to sew only because I knew stretch fabrics don't't frey!) I just had to have it!
Plus I have this jersey fabric ..........

.... just itching to be made into something. So I'm sure this book will come in handy.
The layout in the book is nicely done and not over c…

fashion week: New York

More inspiration from New York fashion week............

Norma Kamali
An air of nostalgia about this collection, look at those shoulders too! Quite vintage yet quite modern.  -
 Ralph Lauren

I really like unusual colour combinations at the moment so this red and light blue really took my eye! Most of his collection had a Spanish feel, it was really nice too, lots of black and white and a lot of flamenco influence. -
Elie Tahari

Orange my favourite colour!! Seriously though, I loved the laced embroidered jacket, modern styling with a vintage type fabric, I think this will be a thing to come!  -

On a costume/red carpet note, I love dresses like this, the delicateness, the embroidery and a circle skirt. I think this skirt also has a fine wire rolled into the hem to achieve those deep ruffle shapes, lovely. -
Alice + Olivia

full of colour, really playful and just plain summery. oh and a nod to the sixties!

Badgley  Mischka

Lovely, delicate and flowy. The embroidery detail sets it o…