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Floral Matching Skirt and Top (Sew U Pattern)

I've been searching for fabric with a border print for sometime and this one fitted the bill. Although, I had no idea of what to make with it at first, but a little soul searching later coupled with lusting after a matching skirt and top set and this is what I came up with.....

 I knew I had to make use of this border print so with a quick sketch at hand of how I wanted it to roughly look and using patterns from the sew u home stretch book. I set about sewing up my matching outfit. 

 The patterns I used were the skirt front/back and waist band along with the bodice front/back and sleeve pattern. I made very few adjustments, only shorting the sleeve and shaping the skirt's hem width. Once it was sewing up I toke an additional inch off the length of the hem, same for the bodice and some off the sleeves length too, just to neaten the look up. It's amazing what a few inches here and there can do for an outfit.

  This outfit did satisfied my curiosity about owning a matching se…

Sewing Fashion Trends: Jumpsuits

Left to Right: Pucci,Kenzo, Vivienne Westwood,Topshop

I've always loved the jumpsuit ever since I was a teenager, when I owned a denim one and seen as the jumpsuit has been gaining momentum for the last few seasons I'm dying to own another one or two. Luckily for us sewers forward thinking pattern company's have also got on the bandwagon, so there's quite a selection of designs to choose from.
Here are my picks......
McCalls M603

DKNY for Vogue V1308

Burda Style, Pleated jumpsuit, 04/2014

I've got my eye on the vogue DKNY pattern but for now I'm going to be making up this suedesays simplicity pattern  2222 .........

I purchased it back last year but after seeing the new jumpsuit patterns available, I wished I'd waited - never mind! I do plan to lengthening the legs and possibly add sleeves which should make it more exciting. Did I mention I'm also making it up in tiny multi-coloured polka-dot fabric!!!

On another note-  How Brilliant has this years Great Bri…