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Inspiration Wednesday.....

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Completed: Gertie's Bombshell Dress.....

whoaa! This dress has been a long time coming, after starting it back in  November 2013, I finished it last summer, but literally only photographed it three days ago!

Truthfully although I enjoyed taking the online class, it took so long, that by the time I finished it I'd lost interest in talking about it, then the colder months hit and bam, off it went to the back. 

As I'm only now doing the write-up, I've forgot most of blurb, so I shan't whittle on. what I will say is as much as I admire the couture techniques used make this dress, it's not something I would incorporate in to my normal sewing routine. 
Fabric: cream cotton for the bodice and chartreuse sateen for the skirt. skirt is underlined using organza, bodice lining is in poplin.
Make again: Probably. Maybe a version with straps would be nice and the dress is very much a style I wear, but I'd make it without the couture techniques.

Pattern: I took Gerties Craftsy sewing class 'sew retro perf…