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Spring Couture

You know how much I love looking at runway shows for inspiration, well do you know what I love even more?

Couture shows!

 Last week seen the spring 2013 couture shows take place. I was a tad bit dispointed as I do feel that that couture shows don't really push the boundaries any-more!
 I know it's not all about design, but how it's crafted too. Still I like to see boundaries pushed or at least tested.

I want out-landish, breath taking designs, lots of volume and tones of sparkles and just plain sumptuousness.  I guess the economic climates effect everyone, even the super rich design houses.



 Armani Privi

Elie Saab

Ulyana Sergeenko

Jean Paul Gaultier


Giambattista Valli

 My favourite overall show was Jean Paul Gaultier, but then I am biased as he is my favourite designer ;)
Elie Saab was in fine form as always, but I would like to see a little something extra with him in the couture shows.
Chanel was very hit and mis. I did like the black and white colou…

Shirts and Sweaters Sketch

Watercolour sketch

My favourite look right now is combining shirts with jumpers. I just love how casual, yet smart this look is. It's even quirkier to add a pair of ankle socks to the look, but I'll stick to boots for now as it's still too cold for me to even consider that.
Lately I've been in an experiment mood- sketching wise that is. Especially with using mixed media. I've got something up my sleeve that could be potentially very exciting or at the lest 'whimsical' but you'll have to check back in the week to find out more.......

Burda Dress Toile

Don't you just love snow days :) with all this white stuff around it's allowed for more sewing time. so the dress I wanted to make last September is finally getting a look-in. It's the Matthew Williamson Dress from 09/2012 edition of burda,  pattern #134 

Because of the style line on the dress and the lovely fabric I've chosen  I decided to toile the dress. It was a good decision too. Seen as I'm more of a jump straight in kinda gal.

 The fabric I've used to toile is actually from a pair of left over curtains, their very itchy though!!! My major bug bear was the pockets that this pattern has, good concept  but from the side they look awful, all jutting out and creating weird angles.

This pattern does requires some tweaks (see below)

I may even toile again, just to make sure the pocket removal goes to plan.

And once I'm convinced it's perfected, This gorgeous fabric will be it's destination.

Pinterest: Mint and blush

Did anyone else notice the abundance of mint and blush coloured pins on pinterest last week?

I'm obsessed, I think it's going to be my colour combo for spring!
 Every year I unintentionally have a 'colour' for the seasons. Last year peach was my spring colour, pink and orange were the colours I mostly wore in summer and so far this winter, black and grey (playing it safe)!

To see more of my pins or the links for these click here
I've got some pinky/blush coloured chiffon fabric, that would make a lovely high low skirt, the only snag is that the colour is patchy in places. I'm hoping it can be dyed!!

Black dress with red ruffle.

Sticking with yesterdays themed sketch I did another version. This time with a red ruffle and in a different pose. I'm venturing out!!!

Truthfully, I wasn't entirely pleased with yesterday sketch. Her face was wonky, and skin colour over-saturated.  Sometimes with water-colour paints I actually forget to add enough water to make it transparent, which is the whole point of using water-colours.
Yesterdays sketch needed a heap of work in Photoshop for me to even feel semi-satisfied with it, which made it disappointing. I usually clean the image up once it's been scanned into the computer as scanning brings out a wealth of imperfections It's a bit like looking in a mirror under harsh lighting where all your imperfections seem so much more visable .  Any -who it was a good opportunity to try out the sketch with a different pose /coloured ruffle and to use the watercolours the way they were intended. I'm much happy with this one.

Thankfully this sketch didn't need m…

Black dress with ruffle sketch.

It's true when the say inspiration can strike at any time. I was watching some program, totally unrelated to drawing/art/fashion when this image of a simple black dress adorned with a ruffled pashmina (shawl)  popped into my head.

It would be a nice accessory to go with a plain dress just to add that extra something, don't you think?

Turning a house into a home

Decorating and painting is well under-way in our new house. With a bit of luck we might be in by the end of the month, according to the boyfriend!! I'm more of the mind set of it being somewhere between the end of January and Easter, not being too specific like!!

I thought I would share with you some photo's of the place we are going to call home.

Living Room

Kitchen. Probably my favourite room, although it's only a small kitchen area it does have a dinning area attached, which (my favourite part) has sliding patio doors onto the garden!! It's fair to say I can't wait for summer!! 

Main bedroom

 Sewing/design room -Ekk
You bet I can't wait to get started on this room, unfortunately it's the only room, not to have wooden flooring, which is a bummer because if anything I would have preferred for this room to have had it, with me being a messy moo and all that! The carpet will be staying a while as we'r trying to keep costs down.


There is an interestin…

What's on my sewing table....

I did my first bit of sewing in 2013 yesterday :) currently, I'm making three baby blankets.
We've recently had two new additions to the family. My cousin and his girlfriend had twins!! One boy, one girl!!
 Another of my cousins is expecting a baby girl in around two weeks. So it baby blankets ahoy!!

Also I've finally got round to making a sobetto top. I started it mid December and as usual I'm only now finishing it. I'm not sure of the fabric choice, but I'll explain more about that when I post about it!

What's on your sewing table?