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Sewing Mountain: Where to start...

At the top would probably be the best idea?! 
Do you ever have so much to sew and so many ideas that you don't know where to start?
That's how I'm feeling right about now, so I figured I'd make a pile and start from the top.

Tell me is there a secret to knowing where to start. Do you start with one project or have multiples on the go?

Two's Company, Three's a crowd.....

Soaking up the rays over the weekend, wine in one hand whilst flicking through a magazine with the other. I spot these.......

Talk about double take. 'Hey I recognize that fabric'!! My Fabrics 'shoe famous'!!
You see it? 
Does it remind you of this dress and skirt .....

Take a closer look.....

I even asked the Bf and for once he'd taken notice and exclaimed 'isn't that the fabric you made a dress out of ' -Yessss!!
Now as much as I like the Fabric and the shoes, I can safely say I won't be buying them. Too much matchy matchy and three is a crowed and all that! I'm just super excited to see the fabric I bought being used on an item for sale in the shops!!

So the shoes, if your interested are available at Shuh for £45 and are called Tallulah - this is the description that accompany's them....... 'My name is Tallulah, my first rule of thumb: I don't say where I'm going or where I'm coming from. I try to leave a little reputation…

The Impromptu Wiggle Skirt

I now know how it feels to be Marilyn Monroe or a Geisha. I can barely put one front in front of the other whilst wearing this skirt and it was even less until I put a vent in.

How did this happen? It started with a brain wave whilst in the shower! Instead of making a regular pencil skirt, in my favorite fabric of the moment (yep it's the left over fabric I made this dress from) I thought it would be cool to add black triangle inserts to top and bottom side seams. Mixing it up a bit you know!

So I thought I'd be cleaver and cut corners. I used the same self drafted pattern as for this skirt (pencil style, with front and back dart's, center back zip) but instead of chopping up the pattern to create separate triangle pieces. I sewed the skirt, eyeballing where I'd like the triangles to go. Cut them out of the black fabric and traced round them directly onto the skirt. I then cut away the skirt fabric and stitched the triangles in place. Luckily I'd only done the hem…

Holiday Shopping

I don't normally do the whole summer holiday shopping trip. I'm a topper-upper (only buying a few bits to fill gaps)  but as I've not been abroad during the summer for a few years so I think I can make an exception for this year!

On my current holiday shop list is 1. Topshop lace bralet £22. 2.Topshop scallop hem skirt £35. 3. Asos Beach Lace Kaftan £25.  4. Miss Selfridge Ikat fringe bikini £25. 5. Asos watermelon bodycon dress £28
6. Miss Selfridge Captain Gladiator Sandals £35

Underwear Sewing: Wearable Toile

One of my aims for this year is to venture into sewing underwear. I decided to take it easy and choose a pattern from an old issue of burda style (01/2012), where the bra is basically a bra-let but the knickers where high waisted with a side zip.

The blurb:
I knew I would encounter fitting problems so these are more of a wearable toile using letft over fabric from a previous project. Instead of layering the stretch satin fabric with tulle as per the instructions. I mixed the fabric up for a saucier set of undies, using stretch satin on the front but black power mesh for the back.  I also omitted the bra straps.

The knickers:
I've sewing knickers once before and I've been meaning to have another go for some time. Despite hesitating about the zip, which as it turns out is no trouble at all. I was pleased how these turned out, especially when they fit.

The only down-side to these is that it's a bit too high waisted but that's down to me being short-waisted so a little patt…

The practicality of swimwear

Let's discuss multi-strap swimwear. Some styles are gorgeous and perfect for an early morning dip in the hotel swimming pool but for longing around in the sun all day. Impractical springs to mind. I predict even with  Spf 50 on, the chances of looking like a patch work quilt are pretty high, unless you spend all day sat under an umbrella of course.

Once you've amassed a maze of lines that run the risk of looking like the London underground map and your back off holidays, it does make for interesting conversations when wearing vest tops or heaven for bid strapless dress's. 

There are always alternative version, or more sensible one if you will. unless your buying into the crop top trend and don't mind showing off some interesting tan line that could double up tribal patterns.

For the truth to be told, 10 years ago I probably would have bought into the trend. These days I'm more self conscious, but then if i spied one in the sale I may splash the cash.
There's …

Fashion Design Vs Fashion Stylist

I wasn't someone who felt I had to go to uni, but recently I'm thinking a little bit differently. As much as I'd love to have my own sewing/dressmaking business it worries me that, a) maybe I should have more experience and b) if the business idea doesn't work out than I won't have anything to fall back on.

Currently I'm divided between studying Fashion design and Fashion styling, and whilst I already know a fair bit about the fashion design course, I wasn't sure what was and wasn't studied in fashion styling. so I decided to attended an open day to find out more and I thought I'd share my basic insight with you, starting with fashion design....

Fashion Design:
This is the creative/making side of fashion. Designing clothes and then bringing them to life. It's a common misconception that fashion designers can't sew. If they have gone through uni or formal training you can bet your bottom dollar that they can. For this type of degree you also n…

Illustration Friday: TEMPTATION

Promarkers, Tria markers and pen on paper.

Creative Competitions

A little competition is always a good thing.

I'm trying to convince my cousin to set up a blog. her interests lies more with a fusion of fashion and textile design. she likes to sketching out fashion looks that are heavily centered round surface design such as embroidery and beading and then gets creative by sewing up samples of how the fabric might look. her only problem is that she struggles to come up with regular topics so I suggested using competitions as a way of providing inspiration and challenging herself regardless as to whether she enters them or not.

 These are some of the ones I recommended to her...  


Tigerprint is a company that is based in the U.K and was set up by a group of people who design card and gift wrap for M&S stores.
Each month a competition brief is released that gives everyone a chance to have a go at designing artwork for them with a chance to win £200 and a possible placement at their studio. pretty impressive huh!
and to get a feel for …