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Trench update...

I'm still on sew slow, but for those of you who follow me on twitter you may have seen my recent tweet about making a very belated resolution to put an hour a day away to do some much needed sewing (well most days anyway).  So from this week I'm hoping to do exactly that. If all goes to plan my little trenchy (my pet name for my trench coat) should be complete by the end of the week (don't bet on it though you could lose a lot of money  hehe!!)
So to the trench, almost two weeks of not touching it, I finally attached the sleeves on Saturday (slowly slowly -catchy monkey) , next is the lining, sleeve straps, buttons and a very good press!!
Hows your sewing going?

Swarovski Girl illustration

I loved the girls hair in this advert for swarovski I seen the ad in the harpers bazaar magazine and decided to have a go at illustrating it.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out despite losing my black marker pen! Although illustrating this has made me realise that I need to add a few more colours to my marker collection.
I also used a white colouring pencil to highlight the bow in the girls hair and on her chest which worked well, but its made me realise how badly I would love a white out marker to add to my collections too.

The down side to this illustration is that I feel the scanned in image is harsh where as the original is more softer looking. It's still nice and a little diffrent to my normal 'fashion' sketches.

Sewing Amazement

Sewing never ceases to amaze me!!

I've been sewing around 4 years properly,( more like 7/8 years, in which I use to wing it) but still, I am amazed from time to time!!

This time it's was a skirt, bought on a whim (and because it was in the sale). when I got it home and tried it on I was surprised to find a slit in the fabric as I did the side zip up.

I started thinking 'cheap crap' until i further investigated and slid my hand down the other side to realise it had side pockets!!!

Well I never, side pocket concealed with a side zip fastening, I can't say it had crossed my mind, or that I have ever come across it before!!

I just thought I would share my amazement with you!!

Have you ever come across an unusual sewing feature?

on my sewing table......

The trench coat is finally under-way!! Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon, but it's going really well, pretty easy to be-honest.  The coat is practically assembled apart from the sleeves,  then all I have to do is make-up the lining and attach it to the coat! I've chosen to line the front and back storm flaps with the same lining that going inside the coat (zebra print) I think it looks pretty cool!!

I've also added sequins to the holes in my sleeve dress. I've only placed them along the hem line which is enough to add something but not enough to be too OTT.

Finally,  I think I've got my sewing mojo back,  it's been hard trying to settle in to a new routine and put time aside to actually sew- then there was the nice weather, which I thoroughly made the most of, so  I'm only just settling-down. 
Now if only I could sew as fast as my brain thinks!!

Fashion: Cut out Detail

I'm loving the new trend for cut out detailing, almost to the point of obsession. The good thing is I've resisted buying anything so far, but only because I have an urge to make it instead!!  frustratingly as always I'm way behind on my list of makes, so god only knows if  I'll get round to making one but I do want a dress badly with cut out sides detail and a gathered skirt!! Maybe my impulsiveness and determination will kick-in, I don't know but until then I'm spending my time trawling the net looking at them.
The affordable's :

Miss Selfridge Petites cut out coral dress £35.00. 

Warehouse turquoise print pacha cut out maxi dress £45.00

Asos Salon skater dress £100

The not-so-affordable's:
Net-A-Porter Herve Leger cur out bandage dress  £1,170
Glam net, HMH couture, navy floor length cut out drress £445

Saks firth avenue,Sachin + BabiCut-Out Belted Dress £290.58 

The make-ables:
cynthia rowley 2281
McCalls M6348

Vogue V1280

Interestingly I have the Cynthia Rowle…