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Ideas for men's sewing patterns

Back in January I really got into men's fashion week. I decided to play about with some basic clothes designs for men that I would like to see pattern company's come up with as there are very few menswear patterns are out there to choose from. This is also the first time I've sketched using a man's figure.....

What I came up with is... (from right to left) 1. A Bomber jacket and straight leg jeans. 2. A Parker with straight leg cord trousers 3. swimming shorts 4. crew neck top and jean shorts 5. classic hoodie with cargo trousers. 
 I think it would be nice to see more men's patterns that aren't shirts and suits?

Inspiration Wednesday....

More sewing inspiration, you can hover over each image and a little P will appear in the top left corner making it easier for you to add it to pinterest if you wish.

Me-Made-May '15!!

I first had a go at this back in 2013, and I learnt a lot, in fact I gave my hand-made wardrobe a good over haul on the back of it. I can't remember why I didn't participate last year although it might of been because I was bit thin on the ground as a result of the previous years clean out, or it could be a result of laziness, who knows!
Right now I feel more content with my makes than I ever have, so I figured it was time for another go! The aim is lesser this time round due to my new job where we have to , how do they put it, be 'walking manikins'!?  so only wearing the clothes we sell in the shop, which is a bit of a bummer but sort of makes it easier at the same time! (although I don't think I should be saying that!!) so here's what I pledge.....
'I, Sarah of fashion brick road ( sign up as a participant of me made may '15. I endeavor to wear a minimum of two me-made garments per week during May.'

Inspiration Wednesday....

There's nothing like a bit inspiration in our chosen area to keep motivated! It's fair to say that all of us struggle from time to time with motivation and for me when I'm not sewing as much as I would like my sewjo drops.
I've now realised that in order to keep myself motivated and churning out ideas I need to be inspired and this in-turn keeps the motivation going. So with my whiling the hours away on pinterest I've set up a new board- 'garment details' for all the unusual ideas, construction details and motivation that I need for when I'm feeling a bit low.

Feel free to follow my board on pinterest or alternatively hover over each image and a little P should appear in the top left hand corner so you can pin each image to your own board on pinterest.