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Sewing: The long awaited trench coat

Only four flipping months in the making but my Trench coat is all sewn up and is finally finished!!

Sewing this Trench coat did drag on but I'm thrilled with it, I love it,  Ekk!!
It's true to say that this is my absolute utter favourite thing I've ever made myself so far, aaaand I've also worn it, now that's what I call a good result.

My delight in sewing this coat had made me realise two things, first I should make more coats! A bold statement but I really am a coat girl! Quite oftern I can be found to still have my coat on in the house, college and at work!! I feel the cold so I like to feel toasty, and I'm the type of girl of likes a coat for every occasion, weather, season and day, phew, that's a lot of coat making then!!
Secondly, I should promise only to make what I really want, not what I think I want. The trenchy has been on my list for a long, long time plus it's practical and wearable and that's why I love it!!

The blurb.

I used a sew maga…

Draped: Angular Sale Dress.....

There are perks to working in a craft shop. We have a mannequin .... Aaand I get to dress it!!! (my favourite part by the way).
so it's sale time, the manager wants the mannequin re-dressed with the objective : make it eye catching. 
Here's what I did......

sticking with  the traditional 'sale' colours of red and white and with the instructions of 'felt might look nice' I went for something angular with on-trend cut out detail thrown in for good measure. I completely winged it, I didn't think I just did,  pinned and created direct from my imagination, thus this outfit was spawned!!

Felt holds lovely don't ya' know! And tis also a dream to work with, when you only have to pin it that is.
 I love the skirt part more than anything and the back too. So much so I want to make it (what a surprise) not out of felt though!!!

Here it is in all it's glory with it's own sale sign, I didn't make that though!!
What do you say: any unusually ideas of…

Illustration: when inspiration strikes

I'm still experimenting with a more sketchy style of drawing, although I think I over did it by picking out her checks.  The thing is with me is I've always tried to be technical with drawing trying to get it exactly right which for me doesn't work, the result is often clinical and jaunty. I first started experimenting with sketchy designs near the end of college for devolving clothing designs, but I stuck by a more realistic/technical approach on the illustration side of things. Now that I've started applying this sketchy style of drawing to my illustrations I feel more confident in my work and feel like I'm finally developing a 'style' with my drawing. which was the whole point in college- to develop a style- better late than never I guess haha!!


Inspiration is everywhere so they say and this couldn't be more truer for this sketch. A few weeks back after leaving my roo…