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Binding Sewing Tip

There's nothing more annoying than sewing binding on arm holes and neckline and then finding that the underside stitching hasn't caught all of the binding, so I though I'd share a little sewing tip.
Quite simply I make sure the underneath side of the binding is placed a little higher than the front side, obviously this is hard to tell unless your using a sheer fabric, but on normal fabrics when you insert the pin on the right side (the side that will be seen) of the binding, it should come through on the wrong side with at least 2-3mm of where the binding will end. That way if there is any movement of the binging whilst sewing it should catch both sides of the binding with ease.
To help with this sewing tip you can also avoid ironing your binding exactly in half. Make sure the one side is folded a little less than half, this will then be your top side when pinning it to your neckline/arm hole.

Right side.
Pins are first inserted around a 1mm from the bindings inner edge.

Red Spectacles

I'm obsessed with vintage style glasses especially cat eye shape ones. So in honer of giving my new water colours ago, I did these red baby's.
I came close to choosing a pair earlier this year but decided against it, in-case it was just a fad I was going through, I so wish I had gone for them now though as I've lusted after them ever since :'( I shouldn't complain to much as the ones I have are slighly retro just not cat eyed shape.

Mademoiselle Butterfly

I spotted this beautiful bird butterfly whilst watching David Attenborough's, animal ark, straight away I needed to design a dress based on the colours.
The green is so vivid that I only wanted the colours to do the talking and not the dress, I also wanted a sophisticated style as I feel that often bright colours are part of a garish type of dress and so I wanted something a bit different from the norm, so the above drawing is what I came up with.

Thurlow Update

Wednesday night I had great plans to finish cutting out the Thurlow shorts, unfortunately my sewing mojo temporarily left me. I'm not going to blame myself though, I am going to blame the bus I got on after work, which conveniently cut out as I'd just handed over my money for the ticket, typical. With no bus for another hour, such is the bus services is in my area, and my house being a good hours walk away, coupled with the chilly weather and night falling fasting, I stayed put. Half hour later the engineer turns up from the depot, and get this, Bangs, on the side of the bus, can you believe it!!! Driver than goes to start the bus, and what do you know, the flipping thing bursts into life! Yes it's Starts!! So the shed on wheels (I'm not joking when I say this) can carry on it's way, there must of been something a bit more seriously wrong with it as it went the quickest way to town thus saving a bit of time. Cold, hungry and slightly disgruntled I didn't feel …

City Scape Couture Sketch

I've been meaning to sketch something couture  for a while, not heavily couture but along those lines.  I was channelling 'devilishly ballerina' for this one. The black detail was originally intended to look like flames but as I made a start on the sketch I could see a city silhouette appearing and I realised I quite liked it. I also added a slight ombre effect on the red of the dress too!
I could see this dress made up out of a silk duchess satin, hand dyed to create the ombre effect and a hand painted city line. The skirt is in three partial layers cut on the bias so it's similar to a circle skirt. Diamant√©'s in red and clear would adorn the straps and bust area, I would also be tempted to add black diamant√©'s to the city line too. 
Please mind the face on my sketch. Those who have followed my blog for a while will know sketching face's are not my strong point but I do prevail with them.
I'm not done yet either, I'm having a very sketchy week and…

mossy ruffle

I've had this dress floating round my head for a few weeks now so I finally put pen to paper and sketched it out.
 I got the inspiration from looking through the abandoned-places website. I have a complete obsession with abandoned buildings I find them captivating especially ones that have haven't been cleared just left as they were.   
I've been going to the abandoned places website for a few years. I love the beautifully taken photographs mostly taken in black and white along with the intriguing write-ups, what's most lovely about the website is that it's not just any old buildings put up, it's actually a website created by air-line pilot Henk van Rensbergen who takes photographs in his spare time of these abandoned places often re-visiting them some time later to re-explore. It makes for a lot of inspiration. 

Nearly There

How ridiculous is it to think that we are now in November, where has the year gone, and with halloween and bonfire-night out of the way I guess it's time to start thinking of Christmas :o

I also thought now was ample timing to do another update on my 12 in 2012 situation.
This is what I've completed so far:- (by the way anything highlighted in red should link through to the completed item)

12 items of clothing.....

trench coat -high waited shorts with ruffle waist bandleggings jeans in spotty fabric-circle skirt with scallop waist bandplay-suitleather jacket Bag - possibly an Amy butler designanother jacket- the rust coloured one that livine wears in downton abbey!gathered hole dress out of pattern magica sobetto top- the pattern is printed outa bikini in a pin-up girl print- think the season has passed for this one12 techniques.....

welt pockets -done these on the trench coatfrench knots-I've been working on something but not sure where it's going.smockinglace placement,…

Hello Thurlow

Hola my lovely's I'm back from my holiday, feeling refreshed and revived!

Whilst I was away I also thought of some new sewing and blogging ideas,( more of this in another post) I always find I can think more clearly on holiday. I think it's because of the lack of distractions that I get when I'm at home, although I do find myself missing my sewing machine whenever I'm away.

Before I get to the main topic of this post I thought I'd touch on blogtoberfest, most of you eagle eyed readers will know that I wasn't here to see it out, and some of you will also know that I didn't blog everyday either, but I'm quite pleased with myself beside that.
 I posted 19 times out of 31 during October, and whilst a few were scheduled most weren't. I spent most of this year telling myself that I wasn't doing blogtoberfest as it's quite intense to see it through completely and because I working this time around, but a last minute decision promoted me other-w…