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The Easy Kaftan Blouse

The blurb: After being with out my machines for what feels like forever, I wanted something simple and quick to make. This kaftan style blouse featured in an old issue of sew magazine (sept 2012) was the ideal make!  Essential a rectangle of fabric with a hole cut in the middle, two button holes and a piece of ribbon, has made this the most simplest yet effective make that I've ever done. It doesn't even use a pattern and is great for stash busting. 
The fabric: I'm really not sure what fabric this is, the motif it is a burnout fabric though. I picked the fabric up on holiday a while back, it was around 1.5 meters for only two euros!! 
The pattern: You can find the instructions here on the sew website. The pattern for the neckline is here (scroll to the last page, it's the pink outline (you may have to sign up to sew magazine to access the pattern).  A quick note about the pattern is that it's a one size fits all type, however I would say that if you are UK size 14 a…

Cardboard Girl sketch

Graphite pencil/HB pencil/Promarker/photoshop

When quite in work, girl will sketch -  on a piece of cardboard! 
That's what happened after I came across a highly sharpened graphite pencil, which looked like it was itching to be used. I haven't used a graphite pencil since college and the urge just took me!  one of the perks of my job, which can also be it's downside is that certain days I'm on my own and when it's quite it also becomes boring so I usually counteract it with being creative, last week I thought I'd try out sketching on cardboard.
Truthfully I just wanted to sketch on cardboard so the inspiration evolved as I went. I prefer to leave the face until last, but I started first and as the eyes developed I felt a touch of Twiggy, this was followed by the pixie crop and a softer approach. I started to channel Audrey Hepburn. This lead to a pretty prom style dress and the addition of spots came from thinking of mark's lovely spotty dress from the firs…

Why Lauren should win the great British Sewing Bee

Don't get me wrong I love both Ann and Sandra, their experience at sewing is second to none (and how amazing is Ann for her age!!), but why I would love Lauren to win The Great British Sewing Bee is mainly down to stigma and good image (although she is a very talented sewer too)!

I feel that a lot of people think sewing is only a hobby for the 50+ age group, especially if you sew your own clothes and anyone below 50 who does so must be an odd ball with no social life! (and we all know that isn't true)

When I first started sewing (at 18/19), I kept it quite because of such stigma, my mother however took more pride in what I was doing and would tell people, most of which replied with interest  'oh you like doing that sort of thing do you' or 'Oo that's unusual for a young girl'. I swear they must of thought I sat at home making smock tops.

Strangely when I started studying 'Fashion and clothing' at college, perception changed when I told them the co…

Me-Made-May 2013

I'm in!! After long admiring this challenge I finally plucked up the courage to join in with So Zo's Me - Made -May!!

I'm certainly someone who likes to make clothes but hardly ever wears them so I think this will be brilliant way to change that, and I'm really hoping to learn a lot too!

Before jumping straight into this challenge I did a little stock check and surprised myself by the amount of clothes I have made. In total I think I have around 19 items,

four dress........

Five tops.......

 Three shorts and one pair of trousers......

Five skirts.........

And one coat......

Here's my pledge: 
I, Sarah of Fashion Brick Road, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear one handmade item at least 5 days a week for the duration of May 2013'
Wish me luck....... And good luck to all the others participating!!

French Style in Spain

I was inspired by a girl at the local market whilst on holiday in Spain. I was looking at her thinking I wish my style was a bit more like her. She wore a t-shirt style shirt which appeared to made from stretch material and a lovely looped scarf round her neck. Her style just looked very...... well French! 
I had to Draw her! Not there and then though I'm afraid I don't have that level of confidence to ask someone to pose for a few minutes while I do a quick sketch, so I did it from memory.
Looking at this sketch I feel I'm finally starting to improve drawing face'. Just by keeping it simple and using the finest point outlining pen really helps me to keep it together and stopping it from becoming over-worked. 
Hope you had a lovely weekend.

What Do You Desire?

What did you think of the video/speech?

What do I desire?............ To be my own boss in a creative environment.

I'm not usually affected by thought provoking videos, but this one got me! Perhaps it's because I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do in life, and although my current job is not so bad for what it is, job safety is a major issue! There is only a year left on the current contract of the business and if it doesn't make money then the chances are highly likely that the plug will be pulled on it. Deep down Ialso know this isn't the line of work that I want to do for the rest of my life!

Recently I've been doing a lot of soul searching and I always come back to wanting to do the same thing, and I feel if I don't at least try then I will never know!
I've always wanted my own business, but there have been times when I feel like I haven't got the motivation to carry it through which saddens me, but recently it was pointed out …

Pantone Spring Colours 2013

It seems like spring has finally sprung, so I thought it appropriate to share the Pantone colours for spring 2013. I'm sure the majority of you are already planning your spring/summer sewing or are least planning your wardrobe for the coming months. I love this time of year, everything is so fresh and new feeling, I'm already beginning to have a bounce in my step!
The colours that Pantone have set aside for spring are evoking especially Lime (tender shoots) and the peachy/orange (nectarine). It's quite nice to see some stronger colours in the mix and the illustration provide some lovely inspiration too.
Each colour has been picked by a designer who has an accompanying illustration and also talks about their inspiration behind the colour and their must haves for spring. You can read more in-depth by clicking here 
What is your 'must have' item for the spring/summer months? What are you planning to make?

Pinterest Sewing Inspiration

Pins from my Sewing inspiration board 
Right now I'm full steam ahead with decorating the new house, (I've just finished painting my sewing room in lime green Ekk!) but I'm afraid sewing is going to be even more sparse than normal, coincidently my urge to sew is tenfold to the point where I don't know what to sew first when I do have some time, although I think maybe it would be a good idea to pick up where I left off.

At least I can content myself with looking for inspiration on Pinterest, even if does add to my ever growing list.

Lately I've had an urge to start re-fashioning garments again, thanks to finding Charity Shop Chic's blog, talk about inspirational although I did have to pinch myself for not finding this blog sooner. I'm both completely obsessed and taken aback by what this girl creates.
 I use to alter-clothes and tweak them all the time before I really got into sewing properly, but what Charity Shop Chic does I can only dream of doing!