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Back to the Drawing Board

I've had to given myself a stern talking to this week, about my inability to stay away from fabric remnant bins! In my bid to de-stash, this is now the third time in as many weeks that I plucked out material only to find out I haven't got enough! It's like I have some sort of compulsive disorder that when the price's is right, I have to have it no matter what. Well no more.

From now on I will only buy fabric remnant's if they are to be used as a panel/trim in a garment, or there is enough there that will comfortably make me a top, with sleeves and all! 

I was planning to make a tunic style shirt, from a 1979's simplicity pattern with this material  it's the one on the right in the picture, (the pink, green white stripe.) but once again, like the black and grey stripe on the left that I used for my midi skirt there wasn't enough! Good thing I hadn't traced the pattern ready, which I have done before! 

So with only a meter of fabric. I went back to the…

Oscars Archive Sketches

Fast on the heels of yesterdays Oscars dresses post, I came across these costume design sketches featured on the Oscars website. These are designs that were first sketched then made into the costume's for the actresses playing the part. 
I love costume sketches, they are much more detailed than your average fashion sketch as they need to resemble how the clothing will look once made up, like how the image looks on a vintage pattern envelope. 
Costume sketch by Helen Rose of Elizabeth Taylor in Rhapsbody.

Costume design by Helen Rose. Elizabeth Taylor in the last time I saw Paris.
Costume sketch by Dorothy Jeakin, Marilyn Monroe in Let's Make Love

Costume Sketch by Moss Mabry, Jessica Lange in King Kong.

Costume Design by Walter Plunkett. Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind.

Images from the Acadamy Collection. There are 10 sketches altogether, to see more click here

Oscars Dress's 2013

A selection of dress's from last night's Oscars to intrigue, inspire and ponder over.

All images from Click here to see more.
I loved Naomi Watts custom Giorgio Armani dress. I Thought the cut out detail was quite sophisticated, and it's just that little bit different which is what I like.
What do we think of Anne Hathaways dress? She does looks lovely in it, dainty even, but it's such a simple style for the Oscars. Maybe it would have been better with a lowered neckline and made strapless, or with a contrast waist panel?  I was also thinking 'doesn't it look easy to sew'?!

Sewing: Jersey Midi Skirt

I took a week off from work at the end of January, with the intention of being productive. And productive I was! Although I must of peaked to early because since then I've done absolutely nowt :( (well I say nowt but really I've been productive in other areas i.e.: Decorating the new house)
One thing that I got round to doing in my week off was using the Sew U Home Stretch Book (this book is still available to buy in  the works book shop for £5.99 but it doesn't appear to available for purchase on-line). 
 I had planned to make one of the dress's in the Sew U book, but a mistake, which I keep repeating (when will I learn) was that I didn't have enough fabric!! Although secretly I think fate intervened, as I already have a dress in similar fabric (a shop bought one though) and I've been feeling the urge to add a midi skirt to my wardrobe for a few months, with the intention of making one this is what the material became.  
The Midi Skirt.....

It was super easy t…

Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' Illustration

I been thinking lately about branching out into fashion art illustration more. Instead of drawing only full fashion figures I think it's time I attempted to develop my skills into more pieces like the one I've drawn above. I like to think it gives the illustration more character and tells more of a story.
This illustration is my version of the Jean Paul Gaultier classic perfume advert often seen gracing the pages of magazine. I love this perfume so what better way than to start with doing an illustration of it. The original advert can be viewed here or by clicking the link above. 
It's not perfect, nor is it intended to be. I've purposely left the back ground basic because I knew if I tried to replicate it perfectly it would turn into a disaster, so I thought it was better to give just a hint of  background body than to go full hog and I think I might make that my illustration 'style'. There are also some shading and hair issues, but other than that I'm co…

Sewing: Striped Knitted Top

I think I have a love affair going on with stripes, it's the third fabric in a row that I've sewn which is striped. Any more and you'll think I have a problem ;)

This is the first time I've sewn with knitted fabric. Initially I was thinking a dress as I'd bought two meters, but I'm not great at wearing dress's and a slightly lack lustre sewing day resulted in flicking through back issues of Burda magazine and coming across what they titled a ' t-shirt' which is what I would call a fitted top.
The top it's from Burda issue 10/2012 pattern number 114 A suitable for use with knitted fabric and something I knew I would get more wear out of than a dress.

As most of you are aware Burda tend to show you all these lovely patterns but then present you with a mass of lines which are impossible to figure out. Luckily this was a featured pattern in the Burda magazine so the pattern was only half as hard as it normally is to trace as it was highlighted in pi…

Fashion show: Juicy Couture

The name Juicy Couture still makes me squirm, I associated so much with tracksuits, rich footballers and chav's that it really does make me shudder to hear that name. Not that I'm a label snob, I can't afford to be. But the juicy couture brand is just one of those things that get's to me!!

Surprisingly this is the seconds time in a row that I've really admired the collection. The Autumn/winter 2013 fashion show looks were I thought cool, preppy and most importantly wearable. I loved the skinny/ cigarette trousers and the smart casual jackets. Don't get me started on the nod to Chanel jacket. I am so making myself one of these. Just don't ask when!!! :P

The only other thing, I just wish the Juicy Couture name didn't make me wince!!

Button Mixed Media Illustration

I was hoping to have this button mixed illustration done last week.
The snag- I run out of yellow buttons!! Typical really, I picked up two packets of  buttons thinking it would be more than enough for the illustration but the button packs were mixed colours (yellow and lilac) it turned out that I was about five buttons short!! So it was put on hold until I picked up another packet.
Then came another snag with the buttons, whilst I had to wait until I could get the extra buttons, the glue I had used to stick the buttons to the paper (PVA Glue) wasn't adhering the buttons properly.
 To remedy this I put a layer of PVA on top of the buttons to keep them in place, thinking the PVA would dry clear - normally it does, but no such luck. The PVA had left a residue which had significantly dulled the surface of the pearly buttons. But at least the buttons stay in place.


What I did enjoy about working with the buttons is they they add a sewing element to my illustration, plus it&#…

Sobetto with a collar

I was too fussed about my original sobetto. I should have really thought about my fabric  choice, but Rachel from house of pinheiro suggested either I add a collar to the sobetto, or maybe use it as a pyjama top?

Not giving away to much information, but to be honest I don't really wear pyjamas ;) so I opted to add the collar instead.

Truthfully I'm still not convinced with the fabric choice for this sobetto top but with the collar added to it I think I might just wear it! (Thanks Rachel for the suggestion). It's odd to think that I can be full of suggestions and ideas for other people but come my own stuff I just haven't a clue. Left to me this sobetto would have just been dumped in the corner, but with collar I think it will be fine to wear to work.

One thing I really like about adding the collar is that it high lights the scoop at the back more. Which is nice because I actually like exposing that part of my back. It always looks quite toned and tanned even if I do sa…

Lady in Pink Sketch

It's always nice to play about when you have something new. In this case it was better quality watercolour paper.

I free handedly painted this, no sketched out-line, just paint on paper.
The best thing about not having sketched the out line first is that I didn't have to 'clean' up the image in Photoshop so this is as real as it gets.
 The worst thing about doing it free hand, you have much less control over how the image will finally look.
But hey, it's good to be spontaneous from time to time!!

Sneaky Peaks

I was hoping to have my mixed media sketch finished and posted today but fell short! It will most definitely be finished next week ;) 
I also re-fashioned my striped sobetto. Used knit material for the first time. And stash busted the black and grey jersey :)