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Reviewing 12 in 2012 and the year ahead.

At the begin of this year I embarked on the 12 in 2012 challenge, all the while that little voice in my head said it's not going to work. It was right! 

It's fair to say I failed, first off I didn't even come-up with a list of 12 things, nope, it was a list of, gulp, 36!! now that was a bit stupid to be honest. Another reason, I failed is that as the year goes on what I plan to make changes something that I thought would be cool to make at the beginning of the year is easily replaced come summer.
My third reason for failure, is my inability to complete lists, I do enjoy making them though!

so just to refresh your mind and mine, this is what I did and didn't do.

12 items of clothing.....

trench coat -Donehigh waited shorts with ruffle waist band - doneleggings jeans in spotty or gingham fabriccircle skirt with scallop waist bandplay-suitleather jacket Bag - possibly an Amy butler designanother jacket- the rust coloured one that livine wears in downton abbey!gathered hole dre…

A year in sewing

I feel I haven't had a massively productive year, but surprisingly  looking back at the things I've made, it's a bit more than I thought.

My greatest achievement has to be the trench coat I made. I think I would have been proud if I had only made this one thing, all year!!
The disappointing make would be the green dress, it was totally the wrong fabric. Looking back I think the fabric may have been something similar to rip stop fabric, what ever it was, it was awful, it kept wrinkling and making a rustling noise every time I moved in it, plus the one arm turned out wonky, needless to say it swiftly made it's way to the recycling bin!

I also made a few things for work. The pom-pom scarf, I still don't know how I fell about the colour it's pretty shitty in all fairness. The felt dress, is my most creative piece. I say piece as it's only pinned to the manikin, but I would still like to make a wearable version of it. It also attracted quite a lot of attention…

Purple Thurlow Shorts

One of my things to do this year on my 12 in 2012 list was to try a sewaholic pattern.
 Now I can finally say Done.
I decided to try the Thurlow pattern, the shorts version. Intrigued by adjustable extension on the back seam. It turned out to be a good a choice.

Fabric choice and notions:
The Fabric, recent freebie, it's a dark purple wool blend, it looks like it could be wool twill as it's quite soft to touch and slightly furry (if you know what I mean) compared to polyester twill.
I also used floral poly cotton for the facings, and pocket bags. This fabric was also another freebie!!
The Thurlow pattern also requires a zip, I used a jeans zip that was in my stash, probably not the best idea as it's bulky and does show, the camera flash makes it look worse :(. A button and a hook and bar fasting is also recommended for this pattern.

Pattern size:

After oohing and ahhing over what pattern size to cut the Thurlow out, I always go by finished garment size, I finally went with …

sewing boxes

yesterdays gift guide featuring an owl sewing box inspired me to do this post. I as wrote about sewing boxes being uninspiring and dated, I went on the hunt for more modern means. call it an extended gift guied for sewing boxes.

polka dot sewing box £34.95

wooden sewing boxes £29-£49
french vintage sewing box £23.50

coastal timeless sewing box £50
you could always go for something truly unique. Seen as sewing is a craft, trade even which means your sewing needles, scissors, roles, unpickers are all tools then why not choose a tool box! 

barn type tool box £39.99
Plenty of space for bit's and bobs, needles, unpicker,  tape measure, scissors  loop turners, and a big area for storing things like shoulder pads, interfacing, pinking sheers, bobing winders.
it's not too unusual I don't think, I have a small tool box for my make-up! Seriously, it's this type though more of a case than a box. I keep all my brushes and eye-liners in the holders although mine are elastic and then I d…

Blog Inspiration

I'm a big fan of urban outfitters, so it came as a surprise to me to find they have a blog ('what, really, I mean who doesn't have a blog these days!!') I guess I just ignored it, but no more readers, no more! It's an eclectic mix, from advertising discount days, kitten cam and decorating a Christmas tree in under 3 minutes whilst blind folded, to interviews, music and style. 

How yummy does this look? It's wonderful how novelty shapes can make your food that much more exciting. This is actually an image for a hangover guide, quite appropraite given the time of year.
Kristina krafts kool cards
Hand made Screen print christmas cards. made by an employee of urban outfitters, these are adorable, proper old skool as some might say, pure black and white prints all hand designed. kool won't you agree, (doesn't the word 'cool' seem so much cooler spelt with a K, or is that just me?)

Boom Nails
Love, love, love these. I'm no stranger to painting my n…