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sewing machines

Having a love of sewing means that I'm fascinated by sewing machines even more so since the industrial Brother machine we have in work has been fixed.  I LOVE this machine it's basically identical to the brother machine below. It's really old and complete with pant flaking too but it's so nice to use and surprisingly quite.

I would love to own my own industrial machine, maybe something like the one juki machine below.  ahh I can dream............

I would also love a singer treadle sewing machine. My great grandmother had one. When she passed away my uncle took it ( I was too young and didn't have an interest in sewing back then).  He thought it would be worth something- it wasn't- roll on a few years later we hoped (me & my mum) that he had kept it in his garage but nope he'd given it to the scrap man!!! I was gutted. 

More affordable but still on the expensive side for a home machine, I've been eye-in up the singer heavy duty sewing machine. It ha…

Cynthia Rowley Dress and Pattern review

I finally got round to sewing a dress to take on my holiday, it's been refreshing to sew something for myself for a change.
 I used a simplicity pattern by Cynthia Rowley to make the dress which some of you might remember from this post.

The pattern...

overview: A simple style dress with no darts, giving it loose fitting with a slight trapeze shape when worn with out the tie. 
skills: This pattern has simple gathering to the front and back necklines, pockets and an open back that uses a hook and eye fastening, or you can make it with a zip if you don't want an exposed back. It also has a tie belt.
make time : approx 8 hours 
overall It's pretty easy to follow but it does have a few fiddley bits so it's better suited to some one who has grasped the basic sewing skills. I decided to follow the pattern instructions exactly. I found the instructions on attaching the pockets and shoulder straps a little unclear, but I got there in the end. I would use this pattern again but I wo…

maid in manhattan & illustration

I watched maid in Manhattan for the first time this week!! I thought the film was alright but a bit flat. It's not something I'd watch again in a hurry. Aside from the film lacking any real luster. I loved the dress that jenifer Lopez's character wears.

Isn't it a darling, so dreamy!! The drapery is fabulous. It't flows and hangs so well, it's just gorgeous. I honestly thought it was by a top designer but interestingly its by Albert Wolsky a well credited costume designer, who based on that dress should have his own label.
 To the illustration! I didn't intend to draw the dress as such, I was doodling pondering what sort of  dress to draw when that dress poped in to my head so I used it as inspiration and did my own take on it.

I used bleed proof paper for this illustration which worked a treat. I don't usually go for fancy paper types but this is recommended for marker pens so I finally gave in and bought it.  This was the first illustration I did usin…